Battleborn: [B] Tier Kelvin (In progress)

Kelvin [Controller] [Brawler] [Advance]

I like to use Kelvin more as a Control Tank more than anything. Some of the things he can do is really quite amazing and what he has to offer to his teammates is valuable. Like near guaranteed kills. He has other abilities that you can see for yourself but let me have the pleasure to rave about the highlight ability of Kelvin.


THIS IS SOME GOOD STUFF! No, really it is. Sublimate is one of those abilities that is very versatile. Its multifunction allows you to [Control] the battlefield to your favor. For example, when you are in the heat of battle and enemies are all over you, sublimate will stun the surrounding enemies upon cast and allow for a haste retreat. That’s not all, do you need to close the gap between you and a fleeing opponent that is near death? Not a problem! Sublimate will turn you into a fast moving cloud while passing through any unit in addition to stunning anyone who comes in contact and get you safely to your destination for a massive chomp finisher. Epic battleborn fight at thralls and the enemy is on a hot streak? Why not “cool” them off by warping around them and giving your friendlies a chance to hit them back. It may seem that I am hyping this ability too much and it may come off sarcastic but I am not lying, it’s that good. And I can’t even begin with the altering augmentations you can do with Sublimate. Sublimate minions, sublimate battleborn characters, sublimate turrets (immune to stun) - sublimate the sentry (not immune to stun) just Sublimate everything – okay?


Bite an enemy, dealing a large amount of damage. If the target is killed, Kelvin gains permanent health. Instantly kills minor enemies.

I discovered this from a youtube comment that Chomp gives you permanent health if it kills the target. Why didn’t I know this before? Maybe its because of Battleborn’s font, but yea, definitely want to use this on weaker minions to health growth. I’m not sure if theres a cap on it, I didn’t really test it.

Anyways, Kelvin can be very effective in battle. He can trap foes with his ultimate which creates an icy wall, if you place it just right you can trap them behind it. After that, your teammates can go in on the defenseless enemy or have Kelvin whale on whoever’s up against the wall. Kelvin is more than good, I definitely will be placing him in the upper tier of the battleborn characters. Gearbox nailed it on the head with this control freak and I will be using him a lot more. I’ll update Kelvin as I collect more info.

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Thanks mate, some great points are made. I have two points I want to make about Kelvin: Sublimate’s versitility is, sadly, lessened by the huge cooldowntime (20+ seconds). Second point: imho his ultimate should not have the windup time it does. If you ever played smite, Ymir has the same ability as a standard skill and can use it every ~15 seconds or so. It also spawns instantly, so it is a lot more useful to block running enemies and block off escape routes. In the case of Kelvin the only use I see is spawning it at your feet when a melee enemy comming at you and you need to retreat. The only way you can actually block an enemy’s escape path is when you’re between the enemy and said path. Otherwise the wall spawns to late and then there’s a wall between you and your target, achieving the opposite of what was meant to happen. Also, you can get stuck in your own wall. Which happens… way too often. The point could be made that a skillful Kelvin would not get glitched in his own wall… But it shouldn’t be possible in the first place…

I’m kinda surprised Ice wall isn’t the skill & sublimate the ult. Ice wall does have a pretty short c/d for an ult though

I tried Kelvin today I just couldn’t make him work.He get stuck on walls with sublamite and it’s on a long cd.He certainly can’t burst anyone after he stuns.I feel like I’m waiting for sublimate to get off cooldown engage enemy.I don’t think he should be A tier. Maybe I need more practice…

Sublimate is moreso a defensive skill, and Kelvin shines with a team that understands how he works and can capitalize on the brutal stun he places. If you’re using sublimate to constantly engage, you’re going to die a lot.

The best way to initiate is to sneak up on someone and attack, use sublimate to escape.

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I’m not typically big on tier ranking, just b/c I’m more the style that finds someone that I like and then I tend to stick to that character like glue. That being said, I was happy to see that my favorite character (so far) is in the A tier!

Your review of Kelvin is spot on. Well done.

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I really appreciate that friend, I have a pretty amazing Reyna review coming up along with a video attachment.

He’s useful but he’s not easy to play, & he’s not A tier.

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Why not?

Right now I’m maining Kelvin and I agree that he’s not A tier.

Why? Because his skills are clunky.

Firstly his ultimate is basically useless, especially on console. By the time I aim with controller and wait for cast to finish, the enemy player is either long gone or right next to me.

I only really use it at level 10 when I can choose the AoE slow mutation Then I just dump it in the general vicinity of some enemies and hope it works. One of the worst ultimates in the game IMO.

Secondly the delay on chomp. I press the button and then screen shakes then finally he snaps his jaws shut. By the time I actually chomp, a team mate has usually killed the target, so I don’t get the permanent health. It’s frustrating as hell.

I just don’t understand why most of his abilities have a delay when he relies on constantly using abilities to maintain a permafrost shield. It terrible for his momentum and just feels clunky.

IMO Sublimate is his only ability that works as it should. It’s amazing as a starter or finisher and best thing is it has no delay. I just wish they made the other abilities work as well.

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Thank you Ryballs, I’ll check him out after Mother’s Day.

He seemed good in the Beta, but after the full game got release there seemed to be a lot of changes in the characters.

I just don’t think he’s quite there compared to other characters you would call A-tier (like an Oscar Mike), he’s not really easy to use & his skills are very situational. It’s difficult to get the killshot w/ his chomp ability except on low-level minions that are insta-killed - either someone else will get the kill, or on larger enemies you’ll do just quite not enough damage (you can get it up to 30% of max health I believe, but knowing exactly how much that is & timing it perfectly makes it pretty difficult to pull off). It’s fantastic in PvE, but it’s not totally reliable in PvP. His wall is kind of a pain to use in general, it needs very careful placement, but the delay makes that really difficult in PvP especially - in a frantic vs match, 1 second is enough time for the enemy to haul ass out of there and/or for one of your teammates to end up getting stuck inside of or behind it instead. His lack of shielding makes him less than optimal as a tank, you have to constantly set off your abilities even when you you’re not hitting anyone to try to keep permafrost up, and he relies on building his max health to become really tanky, which as I mentioned can be tough outside of PvE. In a PvE match I’ve gained as much as 3k additional health by the end, but on other occasions, w/o doing anything particularly differently, I had as little as 500-700. If chomp guaranteed some amount of health gain, even a small amount, he would be more consistent. If the wall didn’t have a delay or was easier to place (like being able to change the left/right alignment w/o having to move your body & face a different direction), it would be better.

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Yeah I’d rather have chomp give small amount of permanent health on each hit too. The current system is very hard to pull off when you are a lagged Aussie such as myself.

I think instead of a wall, Kelvin’s ult should be something similar to Geoff’s web. The wall is just way too situational and difficult to use.

Also please make all his abilities instacast to aid permafrost.

I like the wall concept, it just lacks decent execution. I was playing Paragon before battleborn was released and one character had a similar ability: a giant circle that pops up and prevents enemies and allies from entering or exiting. It was difficult to use but extremely powerful, still easier to use than ice wall as the setup time was shorter and the walls were easier to predict. Icewall fails in pretty much every area because it takes too long to set up, covers too small of an area, and the wall itself is so pointlessly thick that you end up bumping targets in or out of it that you didn’t really intend to isolate. It’s also not wide enough to properly isolate targets considering movement speed in battleborn is quite high on average. I would like to see it as an actual wall of ice that is mostly transparent, taller, wider, and thinner to minimize guesswork, and at least 50% of it’s set up time removed.

Maybe just a circle of ice that surrounds you like Paragon? Perhaps a big hollow shard of ice that covers you and your opponent, like the one the ice giant boss hides in. That would be way more useful IMO. Also did I mention instacast for all abilities? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a good idea, you could pretty much literally copy the ice boss’ ring of icicles.

so how do i kelvin? i really want to play him but i feel like i get dominated regularly. any tips would help thanks