Battleborn: (B) Tier Kleese

For the full Tier List: Battleborn: Tier List (Alani Tier + few new tiers)

Kleese: [Territorial] [Shielder] [Complex]

A supporter that was meant to hold the lines of an incoming minion waves and push them back. I have a lot of have playing as Kleese, setting down energy rifts with damaging effects, using his motors to slow down enemies or do some weak heals to allies which I never. One thing I enjoy is having a battleborn character run into me with all 4 energy rifts planted onto the ground and watch them get melted, it’s a rather satisfying experience. To keep it simple, he is a good support not as good as Reyna when it comes to mobility support but he is reliable during certain parts of an incursion match for example, when enemies and allies are cluttering in the battlefield. This is when his best utilities come into play. Here are some examples of clutter moments when Kleese comes into work

Ally Side: Here’s a common scenario location when the enemy team is making a push with thrall’s and mx elites, this is when it’s almost impossible for them to close the gap between minions and sentry because of kleese’s energy rifts. He can constantly place them and warding pushing the wave back, this is very effective if you select Kleese’s level 1 ability [Shocking Pulse] which does 50 shield damage to nearby enemies.

Enemy Side: Here is another common scenario of a clutter moment during a push towards the enemy sentry. Nearing the enemy sentry the lane starts to choke and it can get pretty chaotic. This is when kleese’s will become the character to keep everyone alive and regenerate shields. If you have the heal chair ability then that’s even better. Keep in mind that the upper ground platform would probably be the only thing stopping kleese from making a wall that no one can pass. If it gets very cluttered with minions and characters than use the oppurtinity to use Kleese’s Blackhole to control the area.

Enemy Supply Station Opportunity: If you manage to make a push and destroy the enemy sentry, it’s recommended that you occupy there supply station and have a few battleborn characters stay at wave while others join you in a poke fest of the enemy sentry. Make sure all energy rifts are spread out to prevent area damaging effects to the energy rifts.

Kleese is an amazing support however any character with an area damaging effect can make Kleese seem pretty useless. I experienced a match when the enemy team had a smart enough Oscar Mike that kept using his incendiary grenades whenever I put the energy rifts to close to each other. There was even a time I manage to have all 4 energy rifts down and Oscar Mike decided to air strike the whole damn area I was occupying, this is when you are given with the tough choice at Level 9 to increase health to energy rifits or allow them to pulse at a faster rate. With no energy rifts to shield friendlies, this is when Kleese will start to show weakness compare to mobile supports. Without a coordinated team everyone is off in their own wondering around the incursion map leaving him and his energy rifts alone. The idea of Kleese is that he excels greatly when Battleborn characters surround him, so that he can have someone to carry to the enemy sentry. In a very short and simple conclusion, I see Kleese as a very balance support and ready for game release.

For the full tier list: Battleborn: Tier List (Alani Tier + few new tiers)