Battleborn Bakery - HAPPY XMAS GBX!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all Gearbox-employees, devs, testers, programmers, artists, managers and whatever your job may be there! :heart:
Also we wish the forum-mods relaxed awesome holidays as well!

Here some cookies for you all:

Its teaser-picture showing some of the Battleborn cookies & sweets we (me and @Sm0kerCrew, my boyfriend) made over the last two weeks. There are curently 113 cookies, but we´ll bake more during the holidays to reach full 250 pieces. @Jeffybug knows why^^

We got Miko hats, Jennerit triangles, Orendi cookies, more Orendi-themed sweets and alot more edible Battleborn-stuff we´ll keep secret for a while :innocent:
Just so much: Yes, there will be LLC, Eldrid and Peacekeeper cookies too!
They are made of sugarpaste, gumpaste and shortbread-buttercookies we baked ourselves. Supersweet and tasty!

HAVE BADASS HOLIDAYS and a great start for the new year!



ps. do you think we can use these cookies to bribe our way into the GBX VIP Room at gamescom 2016 ?


Indeed, badass holidays for you as well! :heart:

Uhhh, sounds like an awesome plan! :smile: Maybe my boyfriend should try to bake vaultsymbol shaped donuts for even better bribability!
Yes, its a word now. Venality just seem not to fit o.o

Anyway, they are not ment as a bribe. More a strange religious sacrifice or primevil rite of worshipping lol

If we bake Battleborn Minion shaped cookies we can force @Jythri

*MINREC is the magnus who you feed the minions too in the mode Meltdown

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Oh lord, I gonna make Minion cookies tomorrow, I swear! That idea s amazing! As is that picture :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll get my hands on business cards this year as well. Then I’d only have to find the Gearbox cubicle and see if I can find Randy.
Eventually we could meet up at one of either booths. I usually visit from Wednesday to Friday, but I’d buy weekend cards too, if @Mentalmars happens to only be free during the weekend (gotta aknowledge that some people got a job :smile:)
Only if you guys are up for it though. If not, it’s ok as well. I usually roam the halls with a pack of friends.

I’m trying to arrange my vacation during that period. 1st week holiday, second week i got 1 day of gamescom planned. Wednesday / Press day as that one is less crowded than the weekend :wink: Hopefully i can get an appointment at the 2K Business stand and hopefully GBX is there with some content so i can stalk jeff once again.

I did spot some Borderlands cosplayers the last 2 year but don’t know if there was a community meeting

Those cookies are awesome.

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Thank you very very much! :heart:

Is´nt the convention in the US? o.O You are quiet badass if you fly to America just to visit it! :scream:

Gamescom = Köln (Germany)
E3 = Los Angeles (USA)
PAX = USA (and that one time in Australia)
GBX Community day was at Pax last year

my wife did asked Jeff if we could visit GBX for a studio tour…so one day…

:smiley: Thanks for the list! I knew E3 but had no clue where to put Gamescom^^

I wish you luck in that regard!:heart:


Well, our holiday-cookie-plans gone to hell, during one private desaster after another + enough workrelated things to go under…
BUT: There´ll be Battleborn sweets for you sweet GBX-people, WE PROMISE! :heart:

Dear @Jeffybug, I might message you again regarding an adress, in case it changed. (Just remembered there was a big move?)