Battleborn Bans and Anticheat

Seems pretty good for the most part on PC, about as clean as any PVP game I’ve ever played at least. However, there are a few universally recognized aimbotters who get reported by everyone, pretty much every game, and are still around. What is the anticheat for this game and wth actually happens when people get reported?

I’d understand if some of the more subtle and “tactful” ones slipped under the radar for a bit but the blatant ones are extremely blatant and it’s unacceptable they’re getting away with that stupid ■■■■.

Is there ever going to be a culling? I realize the population isn’t massive but this sort of thing hurts the community and Battleborn’s bottom line in general.


I can’t answer any questions about anti-cheat as I play on PS4, but I can tell you that nothing happens when people get reported, it’s purely aesthetic. How do I know? Because there’s one particularly notorious player who in every match I or the people I play with (and that’s a lot of people) have ever seen - yes, EVERY SINGLE TIME - has either been kicked for AFK or just quit. So, we report him for “Left match early”, the new(er) report option that you can only select if the player has, well, left match early. Every time. Has he been banned? Nope, played with him twice in the last two days and guess what he did? Yep.


Would it be okay if you listed who these supposed cheaters are? I mean, if they are actually breaking the rules, it should be public knowledge imo. And if they aren’t, maybe someone can clear it up and explain why they haven’t been banned yet.

I’m not trying to argue that the current reporting system is flawless, and I definitely agree that it seems to not really follow through on punishing players who’ve actually broken the rules, but the last thing we need is for a bunch of players to be banned for things they’ve never done.

I’m mainly posting this because ice, a person who I’ve played with quite a bit, gets accused of aimbotting a lot. Enough to the point where it’s become a bit of a joke between us, but the truth is that he just has really good aim (he has over 3,000 hours on CS:GO if you don’t believe me).

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Computer gets aimbot and Console gets the rare OM bot that will spend 20 minutes getting shards and shooting the walls in your base.

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They said a while back they took action on many. I have no proof though so ¯\(ツ)


I’m not calling for Gearbox to just take reported cheaters as blind fact and ban people for nothing but something does need to be done about real cheaters. Hell, even just giving us a First Person kill recap from the enemy’s perspective would go a long way. That being said, I don’t think it’s appropriate to list names or to start a public witch hunt by any means. There should be a review system in place to seperate actual cheaters from people who are reported for just being good. The problem is it seems like there’s nothing for this whatsover.

Do some people get accused/reported who aren’t actually cheating? Yes. I’ve been accused of aimbotting a few times and I’d consider myself of average aim at best. Sometimes there are people where something doesn’t feel right but you can’t tell one way or the other… then there are people where it’s obvious. The reason I made this thread is because the number of blatant ones is growing very gradually and if it goes unchecked it’s bad for the community. I’m talking about the ones where you can visibly observe the obvious, mechanical, snap-to-head targeting and where characters are landing rounds they physically could not be landing based on the distance and spread of the weapon.

Let’s be honest… it’s 2016… everyone knows there are people who want to win so bad they’ll hack in the PC gaming world. Every game has them. All of us have probably played both with and against hackers without even realizing it and all of us have probably witnessed completely blatant skids a few times too. It’s a problem. What’s a bigger problem is when it seems like nothing’s done about it.

I wouldn’t make a judgment call on Ice one way or another and haven’t played with him much but I wouldn’t try to come to a friend’s defense by saying they spent 3000 hours in a PC gaming community in which cheats have been endemic lol no offense.


Small sidetrack @theavarchivist, one of the people I normally que with loves calling hacks when funny things occur. I’ve debunked him a few times by looking at gear/his recordings so I agree there has to be a review

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This doesn’t really apply to console, as we almost never seen hackers/modders in competitive games.

I just wanted to chime in and say I do see the occasional lag switch.


I think I saw this for the first time last night, or noticed it for the first time anyway. Typically I’m used to red bars (Australian) but I was super red, like teleporting across the map and unable to jump red, while several of my non-Austalian teammates were lagging badly as well. At first I thought it maybe a server or PSN error, but it only happened in a few matches and when I tested my connection it was fine. Some fishy stuff… I’ve had a few matches where everything was good then everyone gets randomly disconnected, didn’t pay much mind to those random occurrences until last night’s bizarre lag spikes. It’s very rare, fortunately, but it does happen and although nothing can be proven and I wont accuse anybody of anything suspect, one does wonder…

@Codarik and @blainebrossart1 remember that Paradise match? Blaine you took that screenshot lol. We all got the D/C symbol and lagged hard for a while but everything settled, though lag was present for the rest of the match. It happened a few times throughout the night though, I’m not tech-savvy enough to understand why or what was happening.

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I don’t think that someone was doing that intentionally, but just bad connection to the server on the sever’s part. Because of the way Battleborn uses dedicated servers lag switching isn’t really something people can take advantage of.

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It depends. Did it only lag when near a specific enemy? That’s a dead giveaway. I used to see that s**t ALL the time in M.A.G. on PS3; as soon as i opened fire on the player in question (with time for them to hit their lag-switch, of course), or if they were chasing a another player, BOOM- Lag. If it was random, then it was just a poor connection.


I didn’t pay that much attention, I was too busy clearing waves to notice if any one enemy was causing lag spikes. Blaine’s probably right, it was just a questionably rare event.

Ah PS3, I used to play a lot of FPS back then and the dead giveaway was to check the leaderboard and look at your bars, if there was one green and everyone dropped to red you knew what had happened and who caused it. I almost made a lag switch myself once because of how bad it had gotten, looked up how and had it all figured out, then I realised I was becoming a scumbag and just stopped playing FPS altogether haha.


Well… the beautiful thing about this game actually is that someone can hack and still get their bootay handed to them. I always thought getting called a hacker was compliment :slight_smile:

@ZombiePizzaMan is a very modest hacker


Yep, that way was usually accurate too, but wouldn’t hold up in, uh… Game court? It used to strangely amuse me as well as piss me off, when i would chase a player while firing, lag for a second or two, then die. Too bad “save video clip” didn’t exist back on PS3, otherwise 90% of those douches wouldn’t have been playing for much longer after they used their lag-switches.

@RedX: Haha! I kind of miss old-school COD: MW, where you’d occasionally see someone go through walls and die on the other side to a different player, or see someone belly-sliding accross the ground trying to knife everyone. Definitely spiced things up, though invulnerability never was, or will be, anything but despicable.


I actually used to play MW3 (So ashamed) and between lag switches, immortal objects and invisible players it was a nightmare sometimes lol. Sometimes they’d be immortal AND invisible, like seriously who needs both of those?! I did like my knife-only matches, won a few FFA with only throwing knives and saved them to the theatre. Then I got sick of the hackers or whatever they were and gave it all up for better games.

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I also somewhat respected the “fair” hackers, who would only give themselves infinite ammo (last time i checked, the desert eagle doesn’t hold 20+ rounds, haha) or perhaps extra health. It’s still underhanded, but at least they were considerate enough to not use God-mode.

LOL you know CoD is awful when you start respecting hackers :open_mouth: I used to roll dual-wield Deagles, just 'cause.


I meant back when you got a SINGLE desert eagle with NO attachment options. Old-school. God, i’m glad they remastered it with scary-smart bots, because i can get the challenge i want without the bulls**t.

Also, akimbo rangers (dual sawed-offs) were the REAL man’s sidearm in MW2. You needed to be point blank, so of course i ran with the “sprint faster and forever” perk. I used to scream “RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!!” upon breaching a building. It didn’t pan out most of the time…

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I’ll never buy the remastered MW1, because I’d not only have to pay for it but buy another ■■■■■■ game along with it. No thanks. The “sprint forever faster” perk was the shiz in MW3 though, there was a shotgun with a hidden passive that increased your sprint duration, with that perk you could just charge people and blow their faces off. Was fun back then. I miss the Face Off mode, 3v3 was awesome, got my first MOAB and two 60+ kill games on that mode. Haven’t played a CoD since, no intention of ever doing so.

On topic, I hope they plan to actually enforce bans on players soon, I know the playerbase is small right now but players who constantly quit matches or leave a lobby before a match starts are just griefing the people who actually want to play and are sometimes stuck in long matchmaking queues. I’ll never forgive that one guy I mentioned earlier, every time I see him I taunt every kill because it’s only a matter of time before he does it again, and no it’s not me taunting that causes him to rage he was doing it long before I was taunting. Besides, it’s a game feature.

Yeah, i got some hate mail the other day for taunting an El Dragon into focusing me on a game of Monuments (he went 0/11, and barely contributed to his team; it was essentially a 4v5). Something about Ernest being the cheepest character (see what i did there? Cheep? …f**k you guys), and how i must be a hick who “licks” Trump. I assume that was a spelling error, and that he meant “likes” Trump. You never know though…

As to MWR, i was on the fence about it, but remembered that i’ve stated i’d pay $100 to relive those glory days again, so i bought it. SOOO worth it for the bots… I can’t even describe it to you. They see your gun-fire, they flank. Thet see you on the mini-map or use UAV, they come for you. They fire through walls, but not with 100% accuracy like in BO: 1-2. They use claymores, they use airstrikes to cover themselves to plant the bomb in S&D, they take cover and camp as a team if they are way behind. It’s insane…

Anyways… Zombies in Spaceland was worth it too. An 80’s themes zombie game where 80’s music plays constantly, and you can summon The Hoff? Hell yeah…

Aww… Out of likes already :’(

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