[Battleborn Battle School] On Applied ISIC Theories [DONE] (Read for afterthought on class)

For those of you who don’t know about the Battle School, read this: Battle School - An Idea To Help New Players

Will run a class tomorrow (6/24/16) at around 1:30. I have room for four people (Me and then everyone else). I may host multiple sessions depending on how the first one goes.

I plan on bringing people into a bot game and going over various theories on how to play ISIC. This will include playstyles, his different Helix upgrades, his gear, and what sort of team he should be played in.

Disclaimer: This is the first time I have done something like this.

So the first four people who sign up for this will get the slots but I may schedule more sessions. Don’t not apply just because there are already four people. If I get a large amount of people signing up, I’ll run through the class multiple times.

If this first lesson goes well, I’ll likely try more like this in the future. I’ll get back to any and all submissions at around 10:30 tonight because of work.

EDIT: Two things I completely spaced when writing this. Firstly, I am in the EST time zone. Second, I plan on running this with a discord voice chat. Specifically the unofficial Battleborn Discord server. There’s a thread with a link to it pinned here. If you don’t have a mic, you can still tune in and listen to me explain things.

EDIT 2: Seeing as how no one signed up for the class, I am pushing it back to Monday the 27th at 12:00 PM (Noon) EST.

EDIT 3: Alright, this class has been finished. I enjoyed it and even though it was entirely made up of level 100’s (sort of the opposite of the demographic I had in mind), they said they still learned things. I will definitely host classes on different characters in the future, I just need to think of who I want to teach. (Kleese, Whisky, or Orendi are people who stick out to me for future classes)

If people have suggestions for future classes, I’ll try to Git Gud ™ at them and supply a useful class involving them.


This is awesome mate! If you want to learn how to play ISIC, I highly recommend giving this a look.

Real quick, what timezone are you in? Just want to make sure people don’t get confused.

Just be sure you don’t make a mess. I’m the one that has to clean it, you know!

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It’s ISIC, of course there will be a mess!

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-sigh- …I know.

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I hope you’re up to scratch on all your different kinds of training, because you know there’s going to be lots of different kinds of messes requiring different PPE for each.

As a fellow ISIC player, I’m going to be sitting in on Monday’s class on Discord (if the game is full I won’t be present unless @aengusrafferty needs an opposing player/counter in private…or a second team lead if the student body is big enough to do a versus after training). <3 That way I can be an even more efficient and deadly killing machine with high survivability! :smiley:

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So I’m sitting at my cpu after the internet going down two nights ago, and am now concerned that it may not be back up by the time class rolls around -lesigh-

My love and regards to Discord. I’d get it on my phone, if i could. :frowning:

edit: just got off the phone with dish, tech will be out on thursday. May ISIC have mercy on my soul.

Hi wow this is so cool! What are you playing on though? PC, PS4 or XBOX?

In case he doesn’t get back until in the morning im pretty sure pc. like 99%.

Almost gave up on a response from a student. Yes I am on PC and you singlehandedly saved this class from oblivion. This is assuming you are a PC gamer and are able to access discord. Will now be checking this thread obsessively until the class is supposed to start. Need to sleep now, but will help you get connected with me tomorrow

Awesome concept. Wish I could attend. I do love me some ISIC, and always open to other peoples ideas and play styles.

Sadly the time is a killer for me. I work a 9-5 in the western time zone, so noon on a week day is right out.

Wish you all the best though. Hope this catches on and becomes a regular thing.

Btw, you might want to put some players on the other team (but still on discord to chat) so that you can test skills on a more patient subject. For instance, with ISIC, I’ve always assumed that the “+AoE on dash” helix (Dodge this - Level 9) also increases the size of the Stun (Level 4 helix). But it’s really hard to know for sure when everyone’s running around like loons. The level 9 helix does specifically mention increasing the damage radius though, so I dunno.

Actually, one more curiosity : if a single shot does more damage than a rotating ward can withstand (225 without overcharge), does the excess damage get through? Does the shot still get reflected by You Dropped These (level 2). Just another thing that’s really hard to tell in the thick of battle.

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Yeah, when I get back online I’d love to test stuff out with someone. If its a private match i can record since my fps wont affect the match.

Absolutely, and more classes like this will be running in the coming days. If there is something you’re interested in learning, either PM me or check out the thread: