Battleborn Battleplan #3: 5/26/16


This week’s Battleborn Battleplan is overflowing with info. Alani is in early access and she has a friend she wants to introduce us to. Also, SHiFT codes for Battleborn are here as well as this week’s Hot Fixes and more!


It’s been a busy week! We had our first Double XP Event, released our first SHiFT code for Battleborn (more on that below), and we’re in the process of releasing the first of five, free post-launch characters. Even though Alani is still coming out of the gate, we couldn’t wait to share the 27th character with you all. Meet Pendles:

Don’t fall for his youthful charm -- Pendles is literally a cold-blooded killer. Originally from the ocean world of Akopos, Pendles did as most adolescent Roa do and left home to experience galactic cultures, and enjoyed murdering those cultures so much that he never went back. Upon finding out that people would actually pay him for his hobby, he became a freelance assassin for anyone with even the smallest of grievances. Despite misgivings toward his moral code, Ghalt eventually decided that it would be more dangerous to have him off the team than on.

Pendles will be coming in the next couple months as the 27th Battleborn and will be free for everyone and unlockable with 47,500 credits earned in-game. He can also be unlocked instantly using one hero key, which are included in the season pass, saving you the time it takes to earn the credits to otherwise unlock him. We’ll have more info on Pendles, including his abilities and release date, as we get closer to his launch.

As we mentioned above, in celebration of our first Double XP Event, we released our first SHiFT code for Battleborn! SHiFT codes in Battleborn will unlock Loot Packs of either Epic, Rare, or Uncommon rarity. You can expect to expect to see SHiFT codes regularly for not only Battleborn, but also Battleborn Tap!

In case you missed it the first time, this SHiFT code will unlock one Epic Loot Pack:


As you all know, each week in our Battleplan, we detail Hot Fixes that will be going into effect that week. These changes typically begin rolling out at 12pm PT (3pm ET) on Thursdays unless otherwise noted. Here are this week’s Hot Fixes:


  • Increased the time until a Surrender vote can be called from 4 minutes to 6 minutes.
  • Increased the Surrender revote time from 1 minute to 3 minutes.


  • Increased the damage falloff of Ghalt’s level 3 Left Helix Augment, Slug Rounds.


  • Fixed an issue with and re-enabled the “Friction Fizz” Legendary gear.
  • Reduced the bonus damage to Ghalt’s Scraptrap granted by the “U.P.R. Synchronograph” Character Legendary gear from 50% to 25%.
  • Fixed an issue with the description of “Strategist’s HoldFast Recharger.”
  • Fixed an issue with Bonus Shards per Second gear.

Additionally, this week saw the first major update to Battleborn. The full notes can be found HERE.


We’ve recently been showcasing some of our specific community members for the cool things they’re doing. This week, we thought we’d switch it up a little bit and share some of the amazing community art that we’ve gotten recently. There’s a lot of serious talent out there and our team really loves seeing all the amazing stuff that you guys come up with. If you’ve got art you’d like to share with us, we’d love to see it! Share it with us on Twitter (@Battleborn)!

![image](upload://b5D5CXvlov78SXnAYWydT2uLk4v.jpg) [Alani by: phsueh on DeviatArt](
![image](upload://4PdcuIfTnAjMF0EEfxMf4mvyuND.jpg) [Oscar Mike by: The Last Boone](
![image](upload://b4d0Hgagv6A3ILfox4SHVFXMOxf.jpg) [Orendi by: avionetca on DeviantArt](
![image](upload://pmwbu891idm1pjUpLuHlpbKr1hL.jpg) [by: amrrr](

By this time next week, many of you will already be DIVING into Battleborn as Alani and will no doubt want to know the best ways to use her water-based powers to control the FLOW of combat (see what we did there?). Luckily for you, we tracked down our resident Alani expert and Associate Producer on Battleborn, Anthony Nicholson to divulge all his best tips and tricks to help you stay AFLOAT in the POOL of competition (ok, we’ll stop now). Anthony is putting together some great info on Alani that we’ll be bringing you in next week’s Battleplan!

Until then, we’ll see you in the Solus System!


So a few ghalt changes and changing surrenders. Hopefully surrendering becomes better now. But I got a bad feeling people aren’t going to be happy with how little changed

I was hoping the kill Oscar/ambra 25 times where getting lowered a little as I heard someone said the devs would be doing that in this hotfix but I’ll live

Thanks for hot fix but can you plz change the lore

Can we get lore challenges to count in Private PVP? 15 matches in and no Ambra in sight, and i have to do it allover with Alani, ugh.


I redeemed that code last time with the pairs in previous announcement :scream:

AND PENDLES UPR!!! LOL, his colors where misleading!

Still no push for Reyna’s Lasergun?! :frowning:
I know she is a Support Character, but the DMG is like throwing Pink Fluffy Unicorns on the Enemy.


Except pink fluffy unicorns would do more damage…


Keep in mind because the fixes are weekly they are going to be small and often rather than larges fixes but more time.


Okay, okay. The DMG is like a Mosquito u hear flying around your ear. It’s annoying, cause your Shield don’t load up if she hits u, but that’s all it does.
Sigh, Reyna is such a cool Character. I don’t understand why she gets no love as Roque Commander.


Maybe get her overshield some work. Its hard as hell to hit people with that. Its like trying to hit a unicorn for real.

Since i am here talking about reyna. Is thier any way to make her pulse miss the small minions in pvp?

I know this is not the place for this stuff, so move me if yoy need to. Just had to get that off of my chest.

Ps. This game rocks. Thanks Gearbox.

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??? It’s an auto-locking ability, how can you miss it? Do you not play with instant cast on her???

How about you guys get a battleplan to get me the content I paid $75 for. This has been a terrible experience. My ticket #1596992.

So no one tries to tell me to do this little trouble shoot to fix it.

Microsoft made me delete my account and recover it 3 different times and then made me un-install and re-install the game 3 different times over the course of 2 days. Which one included of them refunding me for one so I can re purchase the game. I have done everything from countless hard resets to having to change the clothes on my avatar??? Like wtf. Gearbox please just help me play alani.

Instant cast? No i have to line it up and “shoot” the player. With everyone hoping its get difficult .

So, NOON PT then :stuck_out_tongue:

And another SHiFT code that I had totally missed! Where are these being announced?

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Like Volum3 says, playing Reyna is the best with instant Cast. The Hit - Chance on allies raises above 95% ! Sometimes u’re still missing, when your M8 jump around like on Cocaine or somethin’…

Pulse: Well, it automatically target’s Enemys! But if they run into Creeps, it’s a block! Also Walls, heh…

PS: It’s good that we’re talking about Reyna! Show how much u like & love her! GB needs to see our love to our Commander!

#Reyna Rules!

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Yeah, instant cast. There’s three different settings for abilities, the default casting, Quick casting (where you hold the button down to target, release to fire) which works great on a lot of characters, and instant cast, where the instant you hit the button, it fires, which works best on characters like Reyna and WF.

He is not UPR. He is a rogue. But Ghalt is the leader of all the Battleborn.


Is instant cast in the options? Or somewhere else? Thanks for any input. Reyna is one of my favorites.
I understand it targeting enemys. But I have never wanted to shoot a small minion with it Pvp. Wish it would go with higher minions instead. :relaxed:

Renya 4 ever

I keep an eye on their twitter, personally
They announce everything there