Battleborn Battleplan #4: 6/2/16

Our 26th Battleborn, Alani is officially here and playable for everyone! We’re seeing TONS of great reaction to her and her amazing water-based abilities. Maybe you’ve played Alani and you’re excited to dig in and find the best build to use with her. Well, you’re in luck! We managed to track down Battleborn Associate Producer, Anthony Nicholson for a few Alani tips and tricks and we’ll be bringing those to you tomorrow on! It turns out that Anthony had a big hand in creating Alani (along with a team of super talented developers), so he knows what he’s talking about. You’ll be able to read what Anthony has to say about Alani tomorrow, by reading the Alani Deep Dive post on the Battleborn blog!

This week’s hot fixes are mainly focused on community feedback and small tweaks to improve certain FX. It should be noted that, while the Voxis Core Legendary has been temporarily disabled, it will be returning. Hot fixes will start rolling out at 2pm CT/ noon PT.

• Reduced Alani’s base health from 1451 to 1035.
• The Voxis Core Legendary gear has been temporarily disabled due to unintended balance implications.
• Fixed an issue causing players to burn indefinitely in The Archive.
• Fixed an issue with snow FX appearing inconsistently in The Algorithm.
• Fixed an issue causing audible impacts to play continuously due to Temporal Traps.
• Fixed an issue causing third person FX to appear misaligned on M3.Shepherds.

In this week’s Community Spotlight, we’re featuring a guy who is becoming more and more well-known in the Battleborn community, Kaleidodemon! Kal is a streamer and content creator, but even more than that, he’s known to the community as a go-to source of Battleborn knowledge. Make sure to head over to the Gearbox forums and check out our Community Badass feature on him.

That’s it for this week! Next week, we’ll be hitting you with more insider info as we discuss how scoring works in Battleborn Story Modes. Enjoy tomorrow’s Alani Deep Dive and we’ll see you all next week!


Humm… only that nerf for Alani? Lets see…
Thank you guys.

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Knew some kind nerf was bound for Alani, its all good tho I made a gear load out that actually counters this! :smile:

You guys did the right move on Alani! Played her for 60+ hours now and her health pool allowed her to live through to many situations she should have died. However I am disappointed seeing no news on Tier 2 skins or adjustments on the kill X character 25 times. There is such a lack of Ambras being played right now that Alani and Galileas lores require long hours of grinding and luck finding Ambras


I’m still playing Ambra… trying to bait you into misplays for … y’know… reasons.

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Joe said yesterday that they are working on those things but don’t want to over promise and under deliver as it just pisses people off. They are apparently working on the requirements but don’t want to talk about it until it’s ready to go live. I’m OK with that.

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@Jythri made this post on the kill x characters 25 times

it not ready yet but they are addressing it

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But we are on Gearbox forums…


Thanks for the update, guys! I’m super excited for the scoring changes, but I hope that you’re also looking into scoring for PvP.

I want to know how much is Miko, Kleese and Ambra health pool. Because Alani is the best. She needs to have the lower HP by far with so many amazing things on her kit.

Could u tell me that information please @JoeKGBX, @Jythri

I believe lore changes and skins will be done in a patch rather than a hotfix. Otherwise all good stuff. Excited for next week since scoring is confusing in PvE

Edit: @fri this is also posted on the Battleborn website

They have already said they are but no news on how they are changing it yet or when

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It’d be nice to hear some feedback on how getting stuck in certain areas in story mode is going to be addressed. We absolutely need some sort of suicide or respawn mechanic (or to not get stuck in the first place).

Otherwise, thanks for the updates! Glad to hear that Alani isn’t going to get nerfed to the ground as others want. These slow nerfs are the best way to mend these issues!

When can we expect Oceanic servers? As an Australian who plays with many other Australians, we’ve bared it since release but red bar almost every match and green bar perhaps 1/20 is no longer manageable or acceptable. You’re losing players guys please work on a fix for this very big problem very soon or there will be no Aussies left playing Battleborn.

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That Archive fix makes me very happy.

Hah, very true. That’s in the Community section because the Battleplan technically “lives” on, but we like to put it on the forums for easy access to you guys. :slight_smile:

Glad to see you guys are happy with the Alani adjustment. We have a bit more planned for her, but this was something we could push out quickly for everyone.

The team has some ideas regarding making adjustments to regions for a more long term fix. As a work-around though, if you’re on PC, I’d recommend setting your download region to Japan and see if that helps.

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You’re completely right and I should have been more clear. “I hope the scoring changes come soon”. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the replies guys! I have been keeping up with those forums as well. I was just hoping for a little more info on the subjects today, that’s all. It’s time to play around with some new builds however as Its going to hurt for a little while without my voxis core lol

A group of people created a “battleborn bible” that has all of those stats, I don’t have the link on me but maybe you can find it here or on reddit or someone can link it


They can do number adjusts for lore challenges via hot fixes. Changing it to kill or assist will require a patch.