Battleborn Battleplan #4: 6/2/16

I am quite happy with this nerf, I am not sure that /much/ more is required.

The less hp she has, the sooner she is running away and self healing. The more self healing and running, the less CC is being done.

This will help push her to the back of the line and make her nearly incapable of fighting off a whole team… which she was able to do previously.
Add in some cool down changes to make her more of a burst high risk CC and she would be perfecto with little impact to her kit.

So what if she does massive damage… make her afraid to do it.

Agree, but that move her towards an assassin spot, not a support… What bothers me about alani is her ability to CC me and kill me all by herself. I’m ok getting CC by her and sent to the grave by… rath or Orendi. That s teamplay, We saw galileia doing the same. Not sure if cuting is HP will prevent this.

The servers might take a hit right now I think the hotfixes are going live

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I don’t think a healer should be absolutely useless in a 1v1… should be counters and advantages.

I prefer the idea of this new play style healer which has huge damage potential and CC.

What’s the point of having 5 different healers that all do relatively the same thing? There isn’t much.

It will take some fine tuning to get her niche balanced but I think this was a great start. Make it scary for her to use her potential so she’s more apt to do long range and heal, but make her capable of destruction when given the opportunity.

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what about the Toby lore ult challenge change ? :grin:

Let me add a bit of clarification here, because it’s been a bit of a misnomer -

While the physical technical mechanics of patching PC is a bit faster, you don’t want us to do that for the bigger patches. Testing is critical, and with more substantial changes, more testing is critical. Even on PC, it’s very important that we get as much testing in as possible to prevent additional breakages. So, don’t just toss the console release process under the bus. For the content patch with Alani, for example, it was actually PC testing that held us back a few days at the very end.

That said, in addition to fixing issues, we are taking on some other tasks to improve our ability to “patch more stuff faster”. We hope this will continue to improve over time.


So are you saying the cost of the console certs isn’t a factor in the once a month patch? :smile:

With this “hot fix” not an “update” there is a difference, [quote=“IronRush, post:2, topic:1492187, full:true”]
Humm… only that nerf for Alani? Lets see…Thank you guys.

Alani now has one of the lowest HP if not the lowest, counting shields and health pool in the game. Its close to characters like orendi but at least they have shields which is why I say she is the lowest.

Didn’t they get rid of that update charge with the newest gen of consoles?

So excited for this Bp. I thought it was originally supposed to come out Monday or Tuesday and was very confused why I couldn’t find it even in a search I took looked at the other Bp dates. Glad it finally.

That nerf seems sufficient for now. She was a bit op with her sustain at least now her base health isn’t higher than most characters max health. Now I feel less cheesy playing her. No more 20-0 games I guess (which isn’t a bad thing).

The BP’s are the same time every thursday

Thanks but I figured that out after double checking the other dates. As for the specific time is it always 12pm noon est?

Yes it is

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Awesome no more randomly checking throughout the day on Thursdays like smite and other games.
Any particular reason that specific time was chosen? Like being able to read it on lunch breaks?

I have no idea on that one, but the hotfixes usually go through at 3pm your time as well

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Awesome that means I’ll have them when I get home from work. Thanks for the extra info!

Benedict has 800, 200 less than alani and his character has a high skill roof, unlike alani

People play her in a way that wasn’t intended also geyser doesn’t need stun, health could be a bit lower then what it was not what it is now. hopefully the next 4 charters will be ok and people don’t complain as much getting tired of hearing about it.


She has no shield but she does have self healing, cc’s, and very high damage. People want a different healer, congratulations you get a squishy healer that can also deal great damage and crowd control. There are still other characters with no shields and less heath coffen369

Ewwww you’re one of those.

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