Battleborn Battleplan: 5/12/16

You do see who will naturally have the advantage in closed quarters between a ranged tank and a melee tank? doubt it really needs to be spelled out beyond that.

Well to be honest ISIC has the best escapeout of all Tanks in the game…clears massive ground AND stuns. He also has the best ranged Defense and DPS, hence why his close range weakness is necessary. Youre not dieing in .5 seconds lol and you have that escape.

Cant speak on Control but in Incursion and Meltdown ISIC has every opportinuty to position himself in a place where falling back is easy.

Its all for balance, same reason Attikus is tanking close range and has little ranged protection. Not saying the amount of nerfage was or wasnt needed…just that he could block a CRAPload before, through what…4 options?

If you know or know the person to ask for this, can we expect Quality of Life buffs? Such as El Dragon being given a stack counter for his passive? Or one for Whiskey to show his passive stack(s) being active and actively showing it fading away so we know when its active and not active?

It would be really convenient changes to have that wouldn’t straight up make the character stronger but would make their passives more …what’s the word? Intuitive, I guess? I dunno if that’s the right word.

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We obviously love to add these sorts of things wherever possible and these both sound like good ideas to me. While I’m not one of our more technical experts (that’s saying it nicely), much of the time, things like these require inclusion in a full-on patch. Just something to keep in mind. :slight_smile:


No worries, happy to hear its something you would be in favor of, haha. Basically I think it’d be nice for all character that have some sort of buff related stack mechanic.

It would also be nice if we could get one for debuffs, such as Melka’s poison. It would help create a clearer picture of what’s going on when you’re just looking at your screen and see yourself just taking constant damage.

I believe a really good example of these can be seen from Riot’s game, League of legend. A character named Cho’gath builds stacks when he uses his ultimate, Feast. When he does a successful feast, the player is given a Counter for it on their UI hud that tracks the number of successful feasts.

As for debuffs, another character from that game named Brand does it well. When he hits you with an ability, a counter appears on your hud indicating you’re afflicted with his DoT debuff, Blaze. Then it gradually shades itself in clockwise then disappears when it fully shades itself, indicating the debuff has worn off.

For the sake of making little things like all of that more clear for the User, I think it would be a big improvement to add should it prove possible to do so via a big patch.

Also thanks for getting back to people on here. I can’t talk on everyone’s behalf, but it helps convince me that I made the right choice investing into this game when A community Manager/Coordinator/whatever drops some replies on the game forum. Keep it up! :thumbsup:


Talking of feedback, I’m just going to point this out (also, if folks want to add to the poll please go ahead - it’s still open!):

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If you’re dying that fast to Galilea (who I can only assume you mean given the argument you’ve been making) after this nerf then you aren’t just fighting Galilea. Besides that Isic’s wards only guard against projectiles. It would make no sense for them to guard against melee. And he does have a move to put distance between him and any character that gets closed, even having the ability to stun them. There shouldn’t be a reason you can’t get away unless you’re standing there letting her beat you like a pinata.

My main point here is Isic is a ranged tank. He’s not supposed to get close.

so when do we get the patch? i haven’t seen any official notes anywhere. you guys are killing me.

Idk, I’ve had weird things happen in matches. Any time I play Isic though a melee bypasses entirely, like rath, galilea, and pheobe’s basic. As for the space, once a ward is destroyed there’s a big rotating hole in the belt. It looks like a sphere with that faded bubble but the faded parts don’t block anything so once you get rid of a ward you can shoot through that hole when it comes around. You won’t normally have it lasting that long though in a match, especially now. If you can get overhead you should be able to hit him without worrying about the wards.

I can check again if you want and we’ll see what’s up.

Patch or next update? Because the next update is in 15 hours.

Read earlier in topic

Can you guys put an indicator when someone is getting healed? And maybe remove the concept of healing minions with Miko’s healing beam? Thats beyond annoying…

You mean an indicator to show that someone is healing you?

This exists, you get green crosses floating about in the general direction from where the heal is originating.

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No I am saying for a Miko player to know when he is healing with his healing beam.

Ah okay, sorry, I couldn’t imagine why you’d need that hence my assumption.

So I can know who I am healing between all the chaos.

I’ve never had an issue for seeing who I’m healing. The beam is very distinct in itself and seems to be quite clear who it latches onto in my experience.

After it’s gone through Microsoft’s and Sony’s certification process.

Thats your opinion, it wouldn’t hurt to add the feature anyway.

Just look at who your beam is attached to and you’ll instant know who you’re healing. The only time you won’t be able to see if is Caldarius flashbangs you.

The beam particles used are very distinct and the healing breaks if you don’t have the person your healing in your line of sight.

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