Battleborn Battleplan: 5/12/16

No CC or run-and-slash nerf for Galilea? Are you kidding me?


I’ve seen galilea carry teams solely just with her damage output stun stuck in silence sword spam dps massacre.

I’m the twitch interview with Randy V he said it was going to be a 2 part nerf. Hotfixes ate limited in what they can do, there will be a second part in the patch that requires certification from don’t and microsoft.


Thanks for the reply.
How do you get the numbers? Are you adding the 5 wards? Then the 100%?
And too digress a bit, does anyone else knows if specific numbers will be released for characters and their abilities? I’m new to this type of gameplay, I’ve always been a “shooter”.

I’d just like to know cool down times, base damage for weapons and skills. Base shields etc. I know you can play each character but I’m a reader and having it in one place would be great. Like old fashion strategy guide

A lot of the numbers are on the character screens

The wards had way to much block it would take half the team focus firing to destroy them before they died off from time

Derch, don’t type while eating. :dukejk:

@JoeKGBX, if I could, I would like this post twice. :dukeaffirmative:

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So now Isic is completely useless Lol…the guy is a tank, does no damage really, but let’s nerf him being a tank smh

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Yes. I do realize the skills are there. I’d like to know weapon damage, speed, shields and things that are not shown. I guess like a ranking system.

Speed 3/5
Damage 1/5
Shields 5/5

As an example. I know this may seem obvious for some. I just like to see it and read it on “paper”. Without having to play each character and guessing.

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Is the bug on galilea’s silence being addressed in this update or do we have to wait for the big one?

Not to worry, we’re not done w/ Galilea. :slight_smile:


When is this patch going live on steam ?

No love for Deande? :cry: lol

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Wait… so most of the promised changes to Desecrate and sprint slash were all moved to next patch?

Welp, guess it’s back to seeing some more Galilea for awhile again since none of her Mutators were touched in the slightest.

Happy with these changes so far, seen ISICs carry teams because of being unkillable and high damage so that should make him more manageable. Will have to get used to the Miko changes personally but I think it was needed, playing against one it was always hard to pin that fungus down.

They said they are still looking into changes. Think its best for them to implement what changes they can no over having to wait even longer for anything to be addressed.

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There is a difference in what a hot fix and patch are capable of. Hot fixes are limited but do not need to go through any certification process with the console makers. Changes to the helix require to be certified and have to be in the patch. hot fixes are more just tweaking numbers and other small changes. Like has been said before in this thread more changes are coming in the patch but they take more time.


I think the nerf of damage will be huge on the first patch of Galilea. But I’m still glad her ccs will be touched on next week or so.

Has the best damage in game.

His super does. His normal attack is very bad to where he is almost unplayable until you hit level 5.

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