Battleborn Battleplan: 5/19/16

In this week’s Battleborn Battleplan, we have a lot to talk about. Our first double XP event is incoming as is a new character. Oh, and don’t forget about those Hot Fixes!

This is going to be a big week. Among other things, tomorrow (Friday, May 20th) will see the beginning of our first Battleborn Double XP Event! That’s right; make sure to hop in and take advantage of double XP on both Command and Character Rank. Double XP Weekend will run from 8am PT (11am ET) tomorrow (Friday, May 20th) through 8am PT (11am ET) Wednesday, May 25th, so don’t miss out!

This week’s Hot Fixes were focused around minor performance improvements and bug fixes. That said, we did want to make sure and add something bigger into the mix for you all, so how about Advanced Story Mode?

-Added Advanced Story Mode to allow players to publicly match in and tackle story missions on Advanced Difficulty

  • Fixed a bug that would allow Kleese to become invulnerable

  • Various performance fixes in the Story Mode missions The Void’s Edge, The Renegade, and The Heliophage

  • Continued adjustments to improve the quality of matchmaking

    This week’s Community Spotlight is shining on cosplayer Kaytea Rhea. Kaytea is well known in the Gearbox cosplay community for her awesome cosplay looks, including a pretty stellar Phoebe cosplay. Head over to the Gearbox forums and check out our Community Badass thread featuring Kaytea!

    As you may know, a while back we announced that Battleborn would be receiving five FREE characters post-launch, bringing the total number of playable Battleborn to a whopping thirty. Well, the time has come for us to unleash the first, Alani, onto the Solus System! Alani, a member of the Eldrid faction, uses the power of water to help exterminate her foes (and heal her friends). If this sounds like fun to you, then we’ve got good news: Alani will be released on May 31st! On top of that, if you own the Season Pass, Battleborn Digital Deluxe Edition, or you played the Open Beta on Playstation 4, you’ll get to play Alani a full week early starting on May 24th. You can purchase Alani for 47,500 in-game credits, or you can instantly unlock her using a Hero Key. Find out more about Hero Keys, including what they are and how they work, in our Alani Announce & Hero Key blog post.


Isn’t 47,500 credits a bit much?


So no fix again for Overgrowth?

Come on guys, this battleplan is just telling people about a hero you already announced.


Hopefully Alani will be able to fill in for Miko in some matches. Looking forward to it. And bring the big patch already Gearbaaaax!


The fix for overgrowth will come with the big patch that’s coming

We have an update coming next week that will include fixes for Overgrowth! :slight_smile:


You say big patch, but isn’t it just overgrowth LoS and Galli desecrate CC effects only being on cast rather than always? Plus hopefully removing the Galli sprint speed melee but tbh I’m losing faith in their balance effort.

So just to be sure (because I don’t get what is the “blog spot” for hero keys yo’ure talking about, and didn’ t include a link), does that mean that except for Ps4 players that got a hero key, the only unlockable mean for Alani is to purchase her 47k ?
The wording is a bit confusing for me so it would be nice if someone could clarify the different possibilities.

I understand the different possibilities for the date she’ll be available. May 24th for season pass/deluxe/PS4 open beta.

The “how to unlock her” is blurry.

If I understand there will be no “command rank” requirement that can unlock her, nor any chalenge, it’s either 47k or hero key. And if I understand, hero key is a bonus that some PS4 players have obtained, so for PC it’s (no matter the version we bought) 47k right?

That’s important to me because I currently have around 47k credits IG, and I have the deluxe so she will be available in 5 days for me, so it means I have to avoid spending if it’s the case.
Edit : whoops, there’s a link now. Either I didn’t see it before or it was edited, either way, i’m going to read that.

Well ■■■■ that is awesome! Alani is available Tuesday, double XP, and reusable keys!


So. No overgrowth fix. . Great. Wonderful, thanks a lot for all the hard work youve done. Now I get to deal with marquis cheesing for another bloody week. Why should I even play? Oh and what about people who have all chars unlocked? Going to give them anything other then an extra useless unlock key for those who played ps4 beta? Dunno why I hoped to see something actually worthwhile in this. Guess ill start playing next week when overgrowth is fixed. Ffs.

Can’t wait to see how Alani changes the support dynamic. I certainly didn’t expect her to be released so soon.

[quote=“zefyris, post:10, topic:1462181, full:true”]
So just to be sure (because I don’t get what is the “blog spot” for hero keys yo’ure talking about, and didn’ t include a link), does that mean that except for Ps4 players that got a hero key, the only unlockable mean for Alani is to purchase her 47k ? [/quote]

Anyone who owns the digital deluxe edition/season pass or anyone who played in the PS4 beta will receive a hero key to unlock Alani.

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Overgrowth will be fixed next week together with the biggest patch yet. Play some Meltdown in the mean if you feel like it


So excited for Alani! Glad I got the digital deluxe so I can play her next week!

Another week of not playing Incursion.

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When is this actually live? Advanced Matchmaking is not available as of yet as far as I see.

Can I make a suggestion to those upset that the Marquis patch isn’t up yet? Try meltdown. It’s a lot of fun and my favorite mode.

@joekgbx what about tier 2 (and 3) skins? It was mentioned by @jythri that they’ll release with alani. Is that still true? Is that the 24th or 31st? And is the dlc pack 1 dropping with her still on the 24th or 31st?


Still no notes on abilities or anything :frowning: feelsbadman. Def glad for the dbl xp tho. the grind is so real in this game

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Pretty pumped!! Thanks for the timely updates, keep up the good work!