Battleborn Battleplan #5: 6/9/16

No it says there’s a timer for you to back out of the lobby so somebody else can join. All 10 players dont have to agree to stay

ok, i say sorry right off the bat xD i get all worked up sometimes (got scorched very bad that time i got 1shotted xD, so i put my hands ahead wich is a bad choice always) still im on the side there shouldn’t be things to alterate a character ability in pvp thus giving everyone the same exact playing ground, dont think your friends had a nice idea to quit the game too bad for them :frowning: game is good with or without loot and very fun indeed!
also shoutout to gearbox: do that massive patch!! do it! it’s foundamental to the game i know u have all the numbers you need to judge but things are needed :frowning: make the armory viable! buy things need to be faster, selling things like in borderlands when u cans elect and then sell in stock!! put more options to sort out your inventory! and then focus everything on the multiplayer modes and BIG fixes! also you already said that u can’t go in specifics, but give ppl a hint about a date or something we dont need mroe hero, we need things to be stable so new heroes have a solid ground to step into! :frowning: by no means i want to tell you how to do your job, just suggestions im sure you hear a lot of them but would be very very sad to see the game end up like destiny sincerely, very very sad :frowning: everyone sorry for my english, not my main…;_;

No one was nerfed here, please stay on topic of this battleplan

On you buying the DD, that DLC content is not out yet

If you want to post about character nerfs then do that in a thread where that is the topic. There is a search function on top.

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Still nothing about the kill lore challenges. :frowning: One of the things that is ruining the game. Having teammates forsake objectives for a lore challenge and end up feeding the other team. This needs to be fixed quickly.


If you read the forum rules, all that stuff is explained. Please do so now. Thanks.

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The cyber skins and taunts for OM, caldarius, Orendi, phoebe and miko are in the game already… Oh and the gold character select pedestal forgot about that too.
Those are what came with the DDE, maybe do a little research on what you’re paying for?

Er…They have commented on that. They said that they were looking into changing things, as they didn’t like everyone trying to kill a single character. It’s probably not something they want to rush, either. Gimme a minute to find the quote, hang on…here it is:


Nice to finally hear Chronicle has a health buff. So when is the Saboteur Mission going to be toned down a bit? As for everyone else complaining about today’s updates, BE PATIENT. The better changes will come in time…and please stop bringing the subject of Overwatch into this. Go ahead and move on to it if you wish but keep it to yourself instead of rudely saying it out loud for Gearbox to hear.


What’s the word on the scoring for pve? I thought we were going to get an update? Real question. I’m not trying to stoke

And just outta curiosity, why wouldn’t a company want to let its customers know some of the “great” new things they have planned for the future? Again, no stoking.

Example: wouldn’t it help create buzz if a company said; “we plan on adding new weapons and/or extending the helix by 5”

Instead of “we have something in planned in the future you might like”

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And just outta curiosity, why wouldn’t a company want to let its customers know some of the “great” new things they have planned for the future? Again, no stoking.

Example: wouldn’t it help create buzz if a company said; “we plan on adding new weapons and/or extending the helix by 5”

The issues lie in the fact some of those things are in early stages and you can’t talk about things that you can’t promise in todays world.

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Your response to me demonstrates how little you know about the certification process of multi-platform patches, and probably development in general. I’ll also point out that I while responded to an individual who attacked others, I made no such attacks. Cute macro, though.

Since Voxis core was so op and needed to be fixed why don’t you take a look at teams that have 5 man Vigilance Link to start then stacking multiple Vyns Quiver and The Pacifier making there team near unkillable. Didn’t alani just take a health cut because too much health can break them. Yeah… Take a look at the issue here please

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I like the idea of having a rematch function, however I don’t like the forced requeue. Maybe it’s just me but I think an OPT-IN button like a “party with teammates?” button appearing during the 20s window and if people click it they are matched with them.

I think doing the current method is a great way to increase the amount of AFK players because someone can finish their game, alt-tab to do other things, alt tab back into a halfway lost match with pissed off team-mates.

I am more for giving players more choice rather than forcing things on anyone. I might miss the boat here entirely or this is a pre-empt to a tirade of angry reddit/forum posts. Either way, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Apparently, the pc patch has caused delays during battleborn. This is unusual, which is why I mentioned ‘accepted wisdom’.

According to gearbox, on this forum. Let me find the quote…

Oh, and the bunny is for everyone.

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Gearbox cameout and said Alani took longer to make work on pc than on console and slowed down her release.

Yes console have certification process but PC has a bigger variation of hardware that causes other issues, so its really not that simple in the end. Both can slow down progress for different reasons.

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I’d love to see it, considering Jythri himself mentioned the console certification process being a potential and likely holdup for patches on PC during a stream about a month ago.

There you go


Let’s try to be constructive here please.

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It’s unfortunate that I don’t really buy that excuse in the slightest, but I do very much appreciate the actual citation, thank you.