Battleborn Battleplan #5: 6/9/16

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14 maps overall, PVE maps are still maps


I know of the talk going around about it, but, as they say, talk is cheap. It doesn’t fix the diving and feeding issues that are so common as soon as there is an Ambra or Mike on the enemy team.

Sadly there isn’t much that can be done outside saying they are working on it. Time frames give unrealistic expectations. At least they could keep us updated on the progress. Without any progress to be seen, it gives the impression that:

  1. They aren’t working on it.

  2. They don’t view it as a pressing issue, and thus put it on the back burner.

Update on PC Europe Capture Queue.
Gave 5 minutes before logging into BB to ensure I’d get the hotfix when logging in.
Still in same queue for first game after hotfix - approaching 2 hours and 30 minutes of waiting.

I don’t think anything in this patch addressed that, can we please stay on topic. Feel free to post that in the appropriate thread.

The requeue thing was supposed to address queue time problems.

Ok fair enough, did you requeue with a party? And if I get stuck for longer than 5 mins in a queue I usually restart it and get right into a game. Have you tried that?

This matchmaking hot fix is great hopefully it helps with matchmaking queue times and disconnects. Although it is starting to get boring playing the same one map (Overgrowth) repeatedly. Please release new maps/game types ASAP as I feel the number of players is going to keep dropping at a rapid rate. Seems like the matchmaking queue wait time is due to all the active players being in a game so you have to wait for current games to finish to fill the lobbies.

I haven’t even got a game to get a “requeue” of my own from, lol.
People quit and come back to the same queue all the time thinking it’ll make a difference (it’s still funny seeing someone leave only to be right back and say “damn, lol”).
When I lose 4 people and am left on my own I quit and queue back in (answer to your question: yes).

Makes no difference.
Welcome to my current week of Battleborn.
I want as much attention to the dire state of PC because I want it to live, desperately.

I will provide final update when a game actually happens. I waited 5 hours once, I can wait 6 if I must.

I was talking about PVP maps and I did that because Overwatch doesn’t have PVE maps - since it has no campaign.

Might as well change to US servers, thats what i did after being unable to find a game for days and I usually get games now. European servers at least are mostly dead, no matter what mode you choose.

It’s interesting to see how many people say “back to overwatch” when a hotfix doesn’t fix what they personally dislike.

That’s like if the soda truck broke down and they couldn’t restock coke at Walmart until tomarrow and I just said, “Back to 7/11!”



playing Overgrowth over and over and over and over and over and over again gets pretty boring. And PVE maps are maps but they don’t count towards PVP maps. PVP game modes and maps are a clear issue this game has and contributes to the number of players dropping. I love BB and I put up with playing the same map over and over in hopes new content comes out, but we all know, no FPS game can last with these lacking features.

Then play other maps and other modes and use other characters. Once again this is a game about characters. If you are bored of it then play games you are not bored of. Thats what I do, I play games that are fun for me while they are fun.

I’ve still really only gone deep into 4/25 characters, a handful I’ve played a bit, and a handful I’ve really not touched. So for me I’ve barely scratched the surface of this game.

I’m having fun learning the characters, in PVE and PVP. I don’t treat this like other games because its not like other games.


I try to play a new character for every new mission for both PvP and PvE.

This game is like a buffet, there is a lot to choose from and you don’t have an excuse not to fill up your plate. Some things will catch your eye more than others, so you’ll want to fill up on just those items but you’re missing out by not branching out to try something new.

… No idea where I went with that. And now I am hungry for some reason.

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May be what I need to do. XD
FOUR HOURS in and everyone in my queue has given up but me.
Pulling out to consider my options for a moment…

Going back in, it now displays four ‘searching for teammate…’ messages that aren’t changing. Not even one.
Don’t think I’ll ever get to try what this ‘requeue’ thing is on EU PC Capture.
I guess I won’t wait 5 hours again like before. I give up.

Lol other maps? and other modes? I play the 2 modes everyone else plays Capture and Incursion when a game gets found and no one disconnects and how can I play other maps when there is only 2 to choose from (per mode) and everyone votes Overgrowth 95% of the time. Other characters yea makes since which ill do after completely leveling one character. Never said I was bored of the game I said I love the game, but bored of the same map and layout. I think Its funny you suggest playing another game when this game is already hurting for players and you represent the community (waiting for Borderlands3 and that is what ill do). I want this game to grow not die and a lack of PVP options begins to get bland and no one wants that. I like capture and incursion but playing the same map 10 games in a row lol, every game starts to be the same and to repetitive. I’ve worked in the game industry and I know that map creation is not hard, time consuming yea maybe, depends on the skill of the designers and programmers but not hard. If they can make 25 (soon to be 30) fully functional characters then creating a few more maps per mode shouldn’t be an issue as an elite game company (especially when looking at the level design of the Borderlands series).

I love the game and want to see it grow that’s all, I feel each week less and less players are playing so id suggest not telling people to go play OTHER games especially as a community moderator.

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Did you try meltdown or incursion…?

I get it you want to play capture but maybe try one of the other modes

Thats how MOBA/Hero Shooter games work,1 map (or very few) and a ton of characters. You are playing against the other players, not the environment.

I would rather have 1 great map, than a couple that have glaring issues.