Battleborn Battleplan Featured Cosplays Thread!

Our weekly Battleplan is a great way for us to stay in touch with you guys and let you know what’s new in our world. At the same time, it’s also a great way for us to recognize our community and share some of the things you guys are working on and creating. We always want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to show love to as many of you as possible!

To that end, this thread is now our official Battleplan Cosplay Features thread! This will be the thread we link back to in order to share awesome cosplays in our Battleplan. We’ll continue updating this OP with the latest cosplays we’re sharing. If you’d like to see your cosplay added, just post a photo below w/ your name! With that, thanks to all our cosplayers (as well as content creators and artists of all stripes) for your hard work and dedication!

Battleplan 5: 6/8/16

Ryan Osborn as Rath

Jessica Leone as Shayne

Natsume Ryu as Caldarius

Sledge Flexington as Montana


Psst… Joe. You have a typo and missed a word in one of your sentences.

It should be this instead:

Just thought you should know. :stuck_out_tongue:


That Cal is crazy good. Kerr-azy


He also has two "our"s in that sentence. :stuck_out_tongue:

To that end, this thread is our now our official Battleplan Cosplay Features thread! This will be the thread we link back to in order to share awesome cosplays in our Battleplan.

The one in bold should be removed.

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I can’t believe I missed that one. Anyway, edited my original post. I’m helping! :wink:

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Pms, maybe, guys?

Hah, thanks guys! I’m butterfingers on the keyboard today. :wink:

Anyway, cosplays! Discuss!

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But does the Montana cosplay have the Sour Apple Bubblegum!?

Sure, everything else is on point.

But what about the BUBBLEGUM!?


Very nice stuff, especially that Caldy!

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OMG that Caldarius is sooooo amazing!!! :scream:

And kudos to that badass Montana cosplay!!! The armour details are awesome crafted and the cave background is pefect for the shot.

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Ahhhhh good to know! :heart: Missed that line when reading first and was about to cry out for all us other fan-artists :smiley:
This is such a great thing btw. Its amazing you guys take so much interest in fanwork and feature those. Simply awesome!


The Caldarius cosplay is my favorite out of all these.

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I’m REALLY surprised you guys like my Caldy so much! thank you! I can’t say that enough.
But I’m sitting over here like - IDon’tHaveHisTattoos/CorrectColorSinceRelease-MyThrustersLookSad-IDon’thaveTheTMP-Sledge’sGunLightsUpANDSpins-LookAtThoseAccurateScarsOnShayne-AndThoseGLOVES O_O - WhyDidPhoebePickTheRathPhotoWhereI’mRubbingAcornsOffMyCrimsonLanceman’sBoot-WorstPhotobombEver
I’m sure photoquality has something to do with it. I got lucky in having a pro photo show up of Caldy so fast (that was taken on Saturday). A full photoshoot is being processed as we speak (PolarBear Photography on Facebook), and I’m SO excited for it because I tried to get EVERY POSE. Even flying/floating ones. And lore.

I’m also Super self-conscious about Rath here. I helped make his (and the Phoebe posted a while back) armor. Also, there’s some awesome shots oh Rath where he’s doing the spinning technique and his robes flail out - so cool!

And they’re all lovely people! :smiley:


you sweating in that?, looks kinda bulky ._.

Jessica is rockin’ that Shayne costume. Let me know when she constructs an Aurox to attach to her back. xD

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Caldarius isn’t as bad as the Crimson Lanceman, ironically. The Lanceman’s chest is a SWEATBOX. There’s enough room in Caldy’s chest for enough airflow that I’m fine for longer periods (I wear a camelback filled with ice for both). His feet are a pain though (notice the you can’t see them in this pic - it’s because I wasn’t wearing them XD) I only really wore them when stationary or for shots that required them.

Hi guys

I love to see and meet more Battleborn cosplayers!
Everybody’s work here is amazing :slight_smile:

I wanted to share my Shayne cosplay with you guys. I’m really happy how it turned out, hope you like it as well :slight_smile:

With love,

Hellbunny cosplay


You look great!! I love it!

Thank you so much :smiley:

Hey @Hellbunny, I recognize you from the Facebook group! Yea, your Shayne is pretty killer. I’ll try to remember to share this one with the team!