Battleborn best game i have ever played

I love this game form the first time i played the beta. i hope gearbox never give up this game because is not popular no matter what happens i will support this game until the end. i love all of it and its community.




F**K YEAH!! [Insert Samwise speech from Lord of the Rings here]. WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT!!



Same here. I REALLY enjoy this game and honestly say this is the best game on PS4

I just wish there were more modes. I can’t wait for the new OPs as those are SUPER fun! I really enjoy their different playstyle and how harder it gets.

I don’t enjoy PVP but I secretly always wanted a mode akin to SuperSmashBrothers. A “free for all” mode. Maybe with buffs dropping for the sky so we’d all rush to them and it would be very fun & hectic when you hear the sound of a buff dropping somewhere on the field in BattleBorn and you know all the people are looking for it and killing each other over it

Maybe the levels would also change every so often? In the same match I mean. Like a lava stage where you could kill people

I really didn’t like that BattleBorn had a stage (The Sentinel) where there are traps and mines and stuff but they never implemented that into other levels or in PVP. Would be nice if there were gears/gadgets that you would have to take over to have minions go a certain way into a grinder or push something at the right time to have minions crushed with a big hammer

Like…maybe if you had a “zone” you defended with a switch that was line train tracks. It directed the minions/mobs where to go. A lane. The other team could defeat you to change the “track/lane” and they could win easier

But if you kept that “zone” defended then you would win faster

Then obviously if nobody defended the zone then it would be a neutral zone like we have now


While I disagree on so many different levels, it is nice to see how people care for this game.

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I hope gearbox keeps supporting Battleborn with new content/patches while they are developing their new game.


Hands down my favorite game. It’s a competitive first person shooter with RPG elements, MOBA game types and mechanics, arena shooter mechanics, good diversity of characters (there is no "X character is just a better/worse version of Y character), melee combat, high TTK, tons of depth (600+ hours in and I’m still getting better), good humor, doesn’t take itself too seriously, ect, ect.

I don’t give a damn about it’s bad reputation, no, no, no, not me, me, me.


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So, I hope this has been cleared now.

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Same here. I have over 1k hours in and I enjoyed almost every minute of it.

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