Battleborn beta montage

hey guys just wanted to share a montage me and my friend made from our time during the beta, Looking forward to playing the game when it launches. Hope you enjoy the video and see you all in game! for those who want to know the song used is Borgeous & David Solano - Big Bang (2015 Life In Color Anthem)


Cool montage video. :smile: Man I wish I had learned about the game in time for the open beta, it looks like it was a blast! (Yes, pun intended). Very hyped for the official release in an few days. :tada:

Glad you enjoyed the video and sorry you missed out on the Open beta. I would have too if not for Marvelknight420 (my brother in law and the account We played on for the beta). He came home from Gamestop (his job) and demanded that I download the beta. I didnt really know what I was in for but he knew me well enough to know I would have a absolute blast with this game. We both reserved our own copies and are slowly going nuts waiting till the launch of the game. I think it will become a top moba in the months and years to follow :stuck_out_tongue:

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