Battleborn beware... (Ps4)

Last night was the birth of our new group, the assassins! Keep an eye out for us with our matching titles and our matching blue and red uniforms!


May I become an assassin? I play a mean El Dragon!

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Didnt you guys lose 1 in a 5 v (2 and 3) group

Lol kind of just a family and friends group, but feel free to add me online and if you want to play with us hop in!

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Not sure. We played over 10 matches last night so it’s possible. We won 10/13 last night together.

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Okay, have fun with your friends and fam!

I remember mksomething when i used toby ;D

Lol I’m gonna look it up later tonight, what’s your gt?

I main Whiskey Foxtrot, so if you see a pink one spewing napalm and knockback blasts, that’s most likely me, given how I’m the only one who seems to play him xD


An idea of how we roll!

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But seriously, add me on ps4 so we can play sometime. The more the merrier !


KK, after the match. I main Attikus.

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That’s funny… I saw this post yesterday and last night queued you up in matchmaking. I remembered the eagles logo so I knew it was the same team.

I was with 1 normal teammate and 3 randoms. So… We immediately left matchmaking lol

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Add me. Mention you’re from the forums and your clan Id! Psn: FindMySpot

Lol its all good. I don’t blame ya. We roll 5 deep with the same logo and color scheme haha.

If I had the rest of my normal people, I would be like awww yeah guys let’s do this! Lol

Lol I hope we see you guys on there sometime.

For sure, even losing its way more fun playing 5v5 than stomping randomly queued teams.