Battleborn 'Boldur's woodsworn lore challenge trophy

Hi, everyone.

I’m starting a fresh post for anyone wanting to group up and complete the ‘woodsworn’ lore challenge.
For those just starting up or returning to Battleborn and looking to obtain the platinum trophy or master Boldur, this is something best done sooner rather than later.
If you aren’t already aware, all that needs to be done is to complete a match (win or lose) with 5 x Eldrid characters on the team.
My PSN id is TACTICAL_TERRIER. Feel free to add me and just add a short message like ‘boldur’ or ‘woodsworn’

I’ll also happily make up the numbers for those looking to do this lore, if there is a shortage of players at the time you need help.

I could be wrong, I’d have to test this again to make sure, but I believe you can do this with just 2 players. The lore challenge description says “Complete a match on a team composed of all Eldrid teammates.”. Having just one other Eldrid player is strictly speaking having a full Eldrid team.

Oh sweet! I’ll give it a try and see what happens. Thanks.

I believe it might have been changed to allow completion in Story Ops (and now 3v3). So, if it doesn’t trigger with two, just get a third and choose an appropriate mode.

This will help if this is the case. Thanks.

Just tried failing and completing a public story mission with myself and one other as a team of Boldur and Melka but it didn’t count.

So it seems a full team of 3-5 Eldrid players are needed (depending on the mode).