Battleborn Bootcamp Trailer

I want to open up a discussion about the new Battleborn Bootcamp Trailer. I love it to bits!

  • The characters themselves are explaining the game. We can see more their personalities than we’ve ever seen before!
  • Kinda sad to hear that Toby’s mechs aren’t just for fighting, he’s actually compensating because he doesn’t like being cute and tiny.
  • Is everything about Benedict always going to be filled with puns? Because I approve of this
  • Oscar Mike’s comments throughout the whole vid are great. XD

The trailer is just amazing, hilarious and it’s the official trailer this game needed.


Best part of my day right there. We need to share this everywhere!

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bumping because people should watch this. Great video.

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OMG the Hype this has brought about is indescribable. Can’t wait for the beta even more now. But even more I feel like my pre-order isn’t misplaced which I always worry about.

10:05 Phoebe turns Keira Knightley - underbite’n’all :clapper:


Oscar Mike’s speeches are the best.

Also, Thorn’s response to Benedict’s approach is quite…
All of the above?

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Whoa… Didn’t notice that

More like Isic’s implication that Thorn smells/smelled bad is all of the above. Her reaction to the bird is just plain feral.

El Dragon!

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My god, Orendi is Bat■■■■ crazy? I had no idea…

Cool trailer. Very informative.

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"Script are for loser !!! "
Awesome trailer ! :joy:

That has got to be one of the most appropriate responses I have ever seen. Thorn and Orendi are my top 2 I want to play in the beta followed by Shane and Aurox

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I’m sending that trailer to all my friends :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I was an Oscar Mike fan before it was cool. Just sayin’

Now please excuse me while I go bathe in acid and cleanse my sudden case of hipsterism (yes, that’s a word, look it up… actually, don’t. Just… take my word for it, k? k.)

Yeah, I mean, everything’s so -Mainstream- nowadays, ugh!

Oh dear god… what have I become ?!? It’s too late for me, save yourselves… save yourseeeeeeelves!

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Are you my doppelganger? That’s basically my list too, but I’ll throw Miko in as well coz the pubs I ran with during the CTT almost always needed a healer. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I played Miko a lot in CTT because of that reason, but I would rather not be bound like that again so I am going to avoid Miko. I used a few other characters, but Thorn has remained my favorite since the beginning. So I just want to use her again thats all. As well as prob my next character on my Ambra, because she looks so different from how I would usually play.

From what I’ve seen and read, Ambra is freaking amazing. Really curious to see someone crunch numbers on her damage and healing potentials versus Miko, would be an interesting comparison.

yeah it will be interesting so i cant wait to try them out