Battleborn / Borderlands Theoretical Crossover!


Imagine if our trusty Vault Hunters were out (what else?) searching for Vaults, and they came to Solus (Solus?)?

Or, alternately, if our Battleborns took a mission on Pandora / Elpis?

Do you guys think any Vault Hunters could work as a Battleborn playable character?

Or vice versa?

I could see Zero fitting essentially unchanged into BB.

Aurox really reminds me of DEATHTRAP.

I think turrets would be too OP in BB.

Phasewalking would fit right in, as would Mordecai’s sniper skills.

Gunzerking would have to be toned down, or Berserking, but I could see them in BB.

Athena with her Aspis / Xyphos is essentially Galilea.

Claptrap would be a PERFECT fit!

Jack would work too, I think.

I think Wilhelm’s Wolf and Saint would be too OP, in my opinion.

Nisha I think could work.

Maya was the original CC.

Krieg would be AWESOME.

Aurelia could be very interesting, too.

But, skills and playstyles aside, what sort of zaniness and craziness and danger do you guys think would occur if these two beautiful, amazing and unique worlds were to collide?

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My take on it (so far anyway) is that the “War” referred to at the end of TPS is in fact the Varelsi incursion we see in BB. So there’s room for ALL of them in my book!


You would be stuck seeing me a CL4P-TP constantly in BB. lol. He would fit perfectly as the sidekick of ISIC.


This is my opinion as well. Unfortunately this would mean it has been between 1,000 and 19,900 years since the war began (depending on if the war was the first sighting, or the first planet eaten that is referenced by Attikus lore). Which would mean that most of the BL characters would have died of old age, with the possible exception of CL4P-TP and maybe Wilhelm depending on how far he went with the cybernetics.

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Except that you kill Wilhem in BL2.


Or Wilhem kills you and you just re-spawn? Who’s to say that wilhem can’t also re-spawn?

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Why couldn’t Roland just New-U respawn after Jack shoots him (for that matter, WHERE WAS ROLAND’S SHIELD?!?)?

The way I have always viewed it, story wise, the Vault Hunters were supposed to have completed all their exploits on the first try, never dying except when the storyline explicitly tells you someone dies (no matter how many times the players may get killed attempting the mission).

Does that make sense?

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New-U stations arent canon. They are for player convenience only. Not the story.

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I don’t see the stories as compatible, but there’s obvious homage/cribbing from Borderlands in Battleborn.

Caldarius’ gun is referred to as a TMP (tactical machine pistol) which is a model for Vladof/Tediore handguns. Mellka’s poisonous reloads are mechanically very Tediore. Whiskey’s rifle is obviously Dahl in origin (but of course, it bursts all the time, not just when sighted). There’s shared inspiration in skills: Zero and Deande both holotwin, Sal and Monty both go ragey and get huge DR (“Come at me, bro”/Mansformation) while unloading with heavy weapons, Ghalt and Sal both dual wield with their “big moves,” etc. Miko and Zero both throw DoT Kunai.

There’s character similarities, too. Ghalt is Roland, but a little older and with a sense of humor. Orendi is Tiny Tina if she were an alien (and a little more insane). Oscar Mike is Axton, but stupid. Marquis is German aristocrat Zero. Benedict is Scooter with feathers and rockets. Galilea is possessed Athena. Note that I don’t DISLIKE this, in fact it’s quite the opposite. I love the little threads of similarity that tie the two wonderful rosters of characters together; even the shared voice actors, because they’re great talents. (I am almost CERTAIN that Ashly Burch’s voice work as Tina was central to the conception of Orendi as a character. I can see the conversation, way back in the embryonic stage of planning Battleborn: “hey, what if we made a character that’s an insane little destructive alien, and Ashly could do the voice?”)

As for how they’d translate if they made Borderlands characters INTO Battleborn:

Maya’s Phaselock would be stupid OP. No projectile, no delay, long duration, helpless crowd control? Think of how upset people got about Alani’s Geyser, and that’s a hard move to land because of the timing. Linking Helios or Ruin off of it for AoE would be double-stupid-strong.

Zero with a low fire-rate sniper rifle as his primary would be an interesting hybrid of Marquis, Galilea and Deande’s styles. He’d have to have some SUBSTANTIAL disadvantages to offer this kind of versatility, though. Dude would have to be super-squishy, slow as molasses, or both.

Salvador would be like Montana with Boldur’s hitbox. That sounds dangerous to balance to me.

Axton/Roland’s turrets would be very interesting, and could be balanced, I feel like.

Claptrap would be a team-oriented support, and I think it’d be neat, especially if they kinda made him random and unpredictable like his VaultHunter.exe is in TPS.

I’d very much like to see a Nisha-esque character focusing on Jakobs pistols; one trigger pull = one round downfield, with rapid fire possible at the expense of accuracy. I’ve got a design for this clunking around in my head, eventually I’ll formalize it and put it in that “create your own BB” thread.

I think Aurelia’s Contract-based powers would be pretty darn cool, a unique angle to support.

Jack would draw power from Shards, which could be both neat and difficult. I don’t think they want to specifically make a Battleborn who disrupts the buildable/shards economy by focusing on it or drawing power from it. I think they want all Battleborn on even ground when it comes to buildables, with the exception of gear options, which are player choices as opposed to inherent kit abilities.

I also think having a BB with a Hyperion-inspired SMG or pistol would be neat; the “reverse stabilizers” aspect of getting more accurate as you fire has always been interesting to me.

From a brochure in The Pre Sequel:

The Non Canon Museum

New U Stations

Skill Points

Plot Inconsistencies