Battleborn/Borderlands Theory: The Jennerit

So I was thinking about melee builds for Zer0 the other night, when I noticed something. Zer0 often speaks in haiku, correct? He also prefers to use a single sword, much similar to the samurai of feudal Japan, and holds his honor in high regard. Now bounce that over to Battleborn (mixing universes I know) and what do you get? The Jennerit.

So my theory for this is that Zer0 is an early form of Jennerit. We never see his face, so we don’t know about his actual physical appearance, but there are a heck of a lot of similarities.
Zer0 and The Jennerit both:

  • Have only three fingers and a thumb on each hand
  • Prefer melee combat
  • Have “lifesteal” effects
  • Have a culture very similar to that of feudal Japan
  • Have some form of stealth (Deande)
  • Use energy weapons (Rath)

Even the design of their armour is similar. Look at the back of Rath’s headgear:
And then Zer0’s:

Remove the faceplate, and it’s almost identical. Thoughts?

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Could be, but battleborn and borderlands are two different universes

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Yeah, but both by the same developer. Technically throughout both games’ lore there is nothing that says anything that means they couldn’t take place in the same universe, although there would probably be a huge time difference.

I geusse, I just would rather have them be separate

I think they specifically said before release though that it wasn’t the same. Unless it’s in the future, in which case, all the humans are dead or mutated. None of the cast has five fingers, I believe. Could be wrong

The humans have 5 fingers

Ghalt, Galilea, all the humans have 5 fingers, but Deande and Rath quite clearly do not.

… Great. Now I gotta check that…

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Galilea is a Helician, not a human, but yes Helicians and Galadrim(OM & WF) have 5 fingers as well.
Alani is half Helician half human (?) and has 5 fingers.
The Aelfrin (Thorn) have 5 finges as well, Mellka as half-Aelfrin too.

Thrall have 3-4 fingers (Attikus has 4 on his robot arm, yet normal Thrall have 3)

All Jennerit (true Jennerit species) have 4 fingers. (Deande, Ambra, Rath)

Ah right - my bad. Basically all the humanoid characters who aren’t Jennerit have 5 fingers. Except Caldarius, but he’s in that fancy Assault Frame thing so I dunno about him.

I first heard this theory just after the beta and I was shocked at the similarities I missed between Rath and Zer0. Even their body type is similar, both very tall and slender, another common trait among the Jennerit. IT’s not just the headgear either, Zer0’s outfit appears to have some light chest armour (although strangely both are squishy glass cannons) as well as shoulder and upper arm guards, that vaguely resemble Rath’s.

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Though I´ve my own theories regarding an entwinement of BL & BB, I think its very “Jennerit-like” that Zer0 seeks for challanges on such a big scale.

And yeah, 4 fingers, helm design (Striker/Ronin), hardlight-weapon (but blue, not red), japanese cultural influences - its definately there.
Darn, I need to write down my thesis and never show it to anyone but Jythri ,to ask if I´m right about it. And then he´ll say “NO!” in Wilhelms tone and I go crying…

It’s definitely a possibility. I hadn’t noticed the Ronin having the similar helm though - funny now that you point it out.

I thought it was only four? Guess I was wrong. :slight_smile:

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At first I thought the entire cast had only 4 fingers too - I needed to look and even count because my eyes kept tricking me lol

They’re not hard light, I’m pretty sure. Because he forged his, Rendain’s, and Caldy’s, iirc.

Uh, have you seen them? I’m pretty sure they’re hard light. Besides, technically it could still be called forging - that hilt definitely looks metal. Perhaps the processes of sword creation changed, but the name remained?

Hard to tell which materials the Jennerit can “forge” and with which means they do. I highly doubt by “forging” they ment blacksmithing as we know it.
I just interpretate the looks of the material + I´m highly biased by far to much Halo-4 playtime :smile:

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It’s actually forged it’s in raths lore pick and he is a blacksmith

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But is it made of metal?