Battleborn + borderlands

So does anyone else want to see some of the vault hunters show up as guest battleborn in future dlc?


No sir/mam, battleborn is a seperate universe and I would rather it stay unique with unique characters


I’d like to see some borderlands skins, but that’s as far as I’d like to see the games merged. Even if I do still like the idea that they are in fact happening in the same universe.


I would like a Montana or Ghalt Salvadore skin

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Wouldn’t it make more since for Boldur, since Salvador is kind of dwarfish? They even make fun of the fact in Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC for Borderlands 2.

Exactly, I think it would look funnier on Montana or Ghalt

EDIT: or better yet Boldur could have the skin and it could have a unique interaction(s) with Ghalt

What about poor El Dragon? At least HE is Hispanic, like Salvador.

And he could be like “ARMZERKINGGG!!”

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Not as actual characters but I would enjoy them talking about/referencing the vault hunters as characters of a tv show or some prophecy “Legend has it… vault hunters” so on and so forth. And of course skins/taunts. I think Zer0 could have a good vague easter egg among dialogue relating to pendles in correlation to assassins for hire, or maybe the VHs referenced as potential allies that live on Pandora(If they shared the same universe at least if not solar system)

Don’t care how they pull it off but I need this:

Krieg with butt slam!

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