Battleborn: boulder

boulder’s shields needs to be nerfed. 4 of us had him pinned in a corner along with our sentry hitting him and his shield literally withstood all of us until we got a stun in. And if you don’t have stun, good look trying to get through it. I was playing orendi, nobody’s shield should with stand her ult, 5 to 6 pillars along with my standard attack for minutes like that. That’s absolutely broken. I was spectating my teammate, who was playing attaiks. He was just laying into his shield but not even attaiks can break it. Let alone with his crazy strong axe to just finsh you because you tried to focus him.

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His level 10 helix makes his shield unbreakable.

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That is why a good team composition is the key; but highly unlikely because most of the time you play with people you do not know. Too much nerfing just to adjust to our own gameplay will, ironically, break the game and will just not offer variety to our play. Just leave him there, he will eventually get out of the way. It does not mean you need to kill it when you see it; whilst all 5 of us hammer on him to no avail, leaving other areas unattended.

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I imagine CC effects, stuns, Alanis Geysir, Raths ULT or Deandes kick-up should at least give you some seconds to crush him.

Just FYI, but shooting his shield heals him.

OK, so that’s only with his Ult, but after level 5, just assume it’s always up.

P.S. If you had Atticus, you could’ve just pounce-stunned boulder.

Im not wanting it nerfed to fit my gameplay. Why can you jump and hit galiea or pressure her until her shield breaks, the same for isic. If you pressure them they will break. But bouldur can just soak 2x as mush damage as an ult Montana. That aint right.

Get him from the back so shield wont help him

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Got it, most of the time if I am 1v1 with a Boldur or a Galilea, I run. With me being another melee like Rath or Phoebe. It may be death for me to break them then strike back at me when they know when all of me is at cooldown. But before, yeah, I feel you, I want to kill it, but I can’t - then I mark him as op. BUT, after playing the character I hate makes me feel now that I own everything :slight_smile:

As a Boldur/Orendi main, i think AoE like pillars should not be blockable, but they are. Paradigm too. Shouldnt be blockable. Some directional blasts could be but not consuming AoE.
His shield was likely unbreakable unless he wasnt level 10.

boldur isn’t broken. Players insisting on playing team deathmatch instead of the objectives is. And if something bizarre like that happens, go look up the character and figure out how the player managed to fend you off (or whatever amazing thing they did).

You can’t break his shield because he’s Boldur, and Boldur is magic!. Every character has amazing things only they can do. It’s what makes the game so much fun, IMO.

@dawrfurious I had some epic fights earlier in Incursion between Kelvin and an enemy Boldur. So much fun. I caught him once trying to grab our thrall and we had quite the fracas, lol.

Its not hard for him to constantly face you, or just back against the wall. Like said i was playing orendi leadin him with multiple pillars i hit him with ult and standard attack. It’s not like i don’t know how to play. I probably could have gotten a penta kill with how much damage i delt.

Bro i play the objective. But thats orendis role. Destroy waves of minions and kill players. In other words just constantly deal damage so i can help clear a push. We won the game still surprisingly we snuck some damage last few minutes. But it was a constant back and forth. And like i said there were 3 or 4 of us pushing him against a wall at our spawn sentry. We got him right under the drop off of spawn. And even our sentry was firing at him. What kind of sense does it make for a character that can stand against half a team and a sentry? We could have taken a full health sentry faster then we could deal with bouldur. If you dont think his shield is a little too strong and apparently unbreakable at a certain lvl. Then idk what to say, you may be biased. I main isic, i have him mastered. I thought his wards were WAY too strong especially with everything he can do. The same goes with bouldur. It’s not like he’s trash without it. His whole arsenal is good. But the damage his shield can take is just too much. He’ll always escape especially with his over shield dash.

Working as intended. Boldur is meant to be hard to kill. Learn to CC or target your AoE attacks BEHIND him.

Working as intended? So a 5 man team, x amount have to try to cc him not only once( because in all honesty usually half the cast can live a cc focus.) And then we all have to focus WHILE trying not get killed or lose control of the situation. I really wish i recorded some of the encounter to better explain. Its a AOE attack if he’s in it, he should take damage.
Like ive stated i play isic too, when im behind my shield im not withstanding a whole team, let alone people who have aoe. How does it make sense to have him directly in the radius but have a shield that covers the front but block his whole body? While the move is effectively coming from the ground beneath him? Like i said i lead and predict where hell be. Im not placing my aoe where he is. And not all characters have a stun, so if you’re playing capture and you’re contesting 1v1 with no stun and he can block until he can line up his stun on you. You’re basically losing every encounter. Im trying to have a discussion. Not have someone tell me basically “get gud”

Be happy he takes unbreakable shield! I never do, its easy to get around. If he uses his stun, he loses his unbreakable shield. Quick melee him off the capture point, cant block that.
I do think Orendi pillars/ult should be unblockable, unlike say thorns ult or a grenade that have a blast radiating outwards. Orendi just cant do anything to that, no real CC for her. But you should be level 10 before Boldurs even 5 or 6 since hes basically the worst for leveling.

That particular game the other team really should have won. They had a much better team comp but they were running 5 and i was running 3. During the beginning and early middle i didn’t see him as a threat. I usually had him close but he would run, and i don’t chase because orendi is kind of frail and i know he has a stun. But it was a 30 min game and everyone was lvl10. By that time he was nearly invincible.

Early game feast, late game beast. Orendi is a late game beast herself, them pillarstorms.

I know, i literally had a much easier time dealing with miko and his dog Montana than i did with bouldur. I guess is complaining but that should say something. If i can deal with those two but not just one little tree stump. Something might be a little off.

I did testing with shadowfire pillar and the CENTER of the pillar has to be BEHIND the CENTER of the target
which is quite ridiculous.

Ha what a joke, that makes no sense. Might as well be silenced until they lower their shield ha.