Battleborn Builds Episode 1

Hello guys we are a new youtube channel and huge battleborn fans we have been wanting to do a YouTube channel for a while a decided to start with battleborn. These episodes will be a series of character builds our first episode is a Kleese build!

Please give us any feedback you can this was one first video also sorry about about length future episodes will be edited down.

Thanks Gamers Conclave


Will be watching later and may contribute information based on my playing with Kleese


Overall great build, but there are a few things I’d like to Expand on that you didn’t really touch on in your video

First, the item you were wishing pendles had is quartermastery bin


how the rifts work is when they’re placed they check how many rifts are connected, so at level 4 if you’ve placed your three rifts and try to place another it will destroy the first one you placed and the one you place down will be triple powered, so after you put down one more besides that you have 3 triple powered rifts.
At 3 rifts all replaced: 9 times effectiveness compared to a single rift
At 4 rifts all replaced: 16 times effectiveness compared to a single rift
Long story short, place your rifts as often as possible

Gear: your loadout is great and I love your shield(I use the same shield in MANY loadouts, but another legendary that is great is “shield web interdictor” it’s a legendary skill damage dropped by Geoff(I think on advanced but I’m not sure) it has a secondary of shield strength and it stops allies shields from recharging for 10 seconds(meaning it makes their shield recharge rate 0) it will negate your own shield recharge rate during that time, but it won’t matter because your rifts restore your shields anyway.
It also helps stop sentry shields from recharging which makes it extremely helpful in incursion

Besides shield web interdictor, I also use “Lorrian skill spike”
occasionally and that would fit with the theme of your video. It drops from the archive on advanced

Shield recharge rate items: except for kleeses lore legendary or vibrocore module I’d actually argue shield recharge rate isn’t needed on Kleese because his rifts restore his shield so quickly.

BUT, using kleeses lore legendary and plasmite transducer(ISIC boss drop) together makes a useful combination, any damage you take generates shards for you and you get healed for restoring shields.

But overall GREAT video, I can offer other gameplay tips if you’d like but for your build itself very solid.

If you tell me your next character I can help with gear loadouts and legendary items as I’ve done a good chunk of experimenting

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Nice video. Good tips. “You play against a good whiskey foxtrot as kleese, your gonna have a bad time.” Very true.

One tip that I have for kleese is that I try to keep some space between my rifts so that they are harder to take down all at once. I know you lose the overlap but I really don’t like it when a single skill can effectively cancel out four of mine. I usually kind of “leap frog” them. Having them in kind of a chain. They have to take out the lead link in the chain first (mostly) and then I still have the rest intact. Then I can put one at the back of the chain to pull back or replace the one at the front. This gives you a larger area that you can move through while lining up a mortar shot also. I will double up on them sometimes (early for extra shield heal and later for offense and extra shield heal) but I try not to have more than two at the exact same spot. Having your whole network go down at the wrong time can be devastating.

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Awesome thanks for the feedback guys our next Episode will feature Whiskey Foxtrot. It’s going to take a little longer cause we decided we are going to restructure the format and reduce the length of the videos. Also we going to add some different effects to make it more than just looking at the screen then gameplay.

We are also open to request for other episodes.


Are you planning to cover every character? I’d love to see more! :slight_smile:

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Yes, this is currently the plan.
Please keep in mind that these builds covered may not be considering the strongest numbers wise. They are just the builds we have the most fun using.

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That’s fine, I’m just interested to see what you use for everyone helix and gear wise.

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My only question, do you have a dedicated group of mains to bolster this series? In the past there have been players who just throw up random uneducated builds for the sake of YouTube, and that happens with a lot of games, you mentioned that these are builds you have fun with and to me that’s a big part of gaming, but I hope that if you’re going to cover every character you at least have some input from experienced players with various characters and don’t just make random builds simply.because you can. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a great idea, but personally I’m not fond of players who just make guides to boost their channels as opposed to actually benefiting the community over themselves. Just my $0.02, keep doing what you’re doing :slight_smile:


True, maybe they can consult with folks who main them(like I can contribute for Kleese)

Yes I do I main Kleese, Whiskey, Orendi, Rath, Oscar Mike, and Montana but honestly I use everyone only character I don’t use and can’t stand is Deande.

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That is both funny and mean.
I watched the video and liked it a lot. It just so happens that I’m trying to get good with kleese. Thanks, keep it up.

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Well… That’s unfortunate. I main Deande. :laughing:

I just find it ironic and amusing that Deande is the only character you don’t like and don’t use.

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Currently working on the video right now set to drop later tonight!
This Episode will feature a better format and some fancier editing so stay tuned!!


Sorry guys we hit a snag editing last night but, good news is the video is finished. I will add the commentary tonight and upload it whenever I get off work.

Again sorry for the delay!

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