Battleborn Builds Episode 2

Here it is Episode 2 sorry for the delay, in this one we changed the format and its much shorter 8 mins instead of 47 mins. We aren’t that happy with how this one turned out but it does show the build as well as what we are going for with the new format. Please let us know what you think and if you like the video please gives us a thumbs up and subscribe!!!

Thanks again guys as mention we are currently working on Episode 3 hopefully it will drop Friday or Saturday night!


Why did You not talk about whiskey’s back dooring potential. Also why didn’t you do some some showcasing of your for build. maybe like a quick 3 minute clip of a bunch of different games with whiskey. showing what he is like and what he likes to do.

Can I ask who is showcasing in episode 3?

Sorry there was a few things left out we wanted to reduce length of the video that is why I didn’t show the build I’m action. We’re figured seeing each helix would make up for that. We are still working out the kinks though so we might include of a Montage of gameplay in the next one.

As for Whiskey’s backdoor potential I personally don’t play him that way I stay in lane keeping my distance and keep combat rhythm up. I help with wave clearing and applying pressure to enemy battleborn.

Episode 3 will feature Miko “poisonous combat medic” build

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I would reccommend a tutorial like this one

It is really well done, and yours is better than 90%+ of the ones where the youtubers don’t even have mutations half the time. But the main thing this guy does is after he shows the helix options and gear is he has a straight forward build for playing a certain way, while your videos showing clips of all the helix choices gets really confusing. Then he shows little clips of him playing with each of his helix choices instead of recording a whole game with Kleese.

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Thank for the feedback man. I do really like the layout of that video we might incorporate some of it in the next one.

Our next video!!! Still under construction!

@fallencalob91 Nice! I added your guides to the playlists on my site.

BTW. if anyone else is making guides lets me know :smiley:

Awesome man thanks we really appreciate it!

Do they have to include a video?

nope, i can also link to guides and i even added a few of Kitru’s guides as guest posts. send me a PM.

will do.

…when I uh… “finalize” it.

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I disagree with a couple of your helix choices there. I never take duct taped mags. I always take when 3 just isn’t enough. It’s a much better increase to dps. You are going to want reload gear in either case.
There are cases when 1/3 more overdrive is better than shield pen also. Shayne, Montana, Ghalt, Isic, kleese, Reyna, and el dragon are the only ones that are worth taking “what shields?” for because they can get or do have higher than 300 shield without gear. Literally everyone else, you are better off with more bullets. Honestly I only put Montana on there because of his shield helix but I would take extra bullets on him too because I know I could land every one.

What shields is amazing for Ambra too

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Yeah what shields is amazing since it also ignores over shields.

How many bullets does it take to drop a shield?

If you land each shot…

About 3 bursts, depending on distance from Target

If the passive or Swiss is active it could take 2-2.5 burst

Yep even at level one you can basically take down a shield with 3 bursts or 9 bullets. At level 10 with passive and Swiss cheese it takes much less.

Episode 3 should be dropping tonight provided all the editing goes smoothly. Stay tuned!

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Sorry guys we hit a snag editing however the video is finished. Tonight when I get home after work I will finish the commentary and upload.