Battleborn Builds Episode 4 - ISIC

Hello everyone once again we are back with more Battleborn Builds this is Episode 4!

As always we would love to hear any feedback and constructive criticism. Thanks for watching guys stay tuned for more incoming Battleborn Content

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Yay or nay

Too lazy to watch it.


Guys I do want to apologize for any A/V and technical errors that appear in the videos as I’ve said before we are both still new at this. We will definitely lock down this issue for future content and do more quality testing before uploading. We are also taking on this venture with full time jobs, families, and you know life etc so we are sorry for not having a regular schedule for uploading.

I just wanted to get that out there also I did want to mention our Battleborn Builds series does have dual purpose. It shows our preferred build as well as a layout of all the helix options so that if maybe you didn’t like our build or see something we didn’t see you can make changes as you see fit.

Thanks for watching guys!


Funny thing about Isic.

Most of his choices are literally left hand side

Edit: Like about 8/10 are left with his middle 10 mutation being decent.

A shame since DPS ISIC is pretty bad. Right hand side has a lot of garbage. (60% shield pen on his dash rofl)

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Yeah man he definitely needs an overhaul on the right side.

Checked the video and most of these choices seems reasonable, though I’d like to go down through how I play Isic.

But first let me go through some of what you said, “Omega strike used to be amazing and it’s silly that you can get stunned out of it”

Now if cc ever becomes a problem when using omega strike, you’re either way too close to the enemy or is simply not using it at the right time. You mostly use this skill when you need to play passively as Isic, and have quite some range away from the enemy, so they can’t reach you while you deal good damage. And honestly, that 40 second duration isn’t all that bad, as if there is a pushing opportunity you would most likely need to go off it, but then again that’s how I play him.

Your helix choices:

(1) Whoops-a-daisy

Though it can be used in chokes points or what not, you’re taking away Isic’s main ability to play aggressively or having that protective shield when they just walk through it.

(2) Reflecting wards

I had the same thought with whoops-a-daisy with “This might sting”, but as you said, you’re also taking away the tanky ability with this

(3) Not-dying-today

Yep, the better helix choice than the others as it lets him take more damage

(4) “Line up fellas!”

You mentioned that the 1+ second stun is awful, but I would like to say that it’s not meant to be used as a 2 second stun like galilea has, for example, It’s more used as a hard cc extender if someone already got stunned, you pop it in there and that stun became 3 seconds instead, this stun can also be used to save teammates in sticky situations, if it’s safe to use the plasma dash. Of course, plasma dash is only used for escapes but having that stun adds it another use, in my opinion.

(5) “I’m concentrating!”

I think the wound is alot better if there is any healers in the other team (which there should be) than this one, But that’s not to say it’s not a bad pick. Though I did noticed you demonstrated the way this helix works, you gain that extra shield recharge rate when you’re overcharged, not using a overcharged wards for example.

(6) “Burlier wards”

Definitely the better choice over less cooldown on plasma dash as rotating wards is his best skill.

(7) “Quick charge!”

As you mentioned, these are all viable picks but I usually choose more damage, As Skill damage and attack damage scale with Isic’s overcharged shots. Though choosing quick charge because of plasma dash doesn’t make much sense to me, you shouldn’t overcharge plasma dash if you’re only using it as an escape tool anyway, as that costs you valuable seconds.

(8) “Hard-workin’ wards!”

Yep, I always go with this helix because when I use wards I play aggressively as Isic.

(9) “Can’t run from me!”

Agreed on this one, as it is used as an escape tool, this is the better choice.

(10) “It’s raining death!”

All of these lvl 10 helixes are viable, but I personally prefer the slow as it makes it even harder for the enemy to reach me to put me off the ult.


I honestly dislike the use of multiple legendaries along with no shard gears, this set you’ve made is very- very expensive which means a lot of down-time when the team otherwise would’ve needed you in the front, but of course this varies.

What I personally use is something I can both use in meltdown and incursion which is:

Purple Skill damage gear with +210 HP

Purple attack damage gear with +98 Shield strength

And a free shard generator.

This set allows me to stay a lot more in the fight than collecting shards, and getting them relatively early / mid game as they cost 1050 each.

And that’s what I had to say about my views on Isic.


I don’t agree with a few of your helix choices. Some of them seem counterintuitive to the function you have set for the skills and focus of your build
1-L is better for tank builds for the large reduction in shield recharge delay

4-L If your using dash primarily as an escape tool, what would serve that purpose better
Some small extra damage if your aggressor just so happens to be in you way with a large group of his buddies
Or a hard CC

7-M the bulk of your damage will come from the charge shot and the way atk gear and skill gear work with ISIC makes the stacking huge with 7-M
Your losing alot of potential damage for about .25-.5 seconds in charge time

I think you might want to focus on non legendary gear load outs

1 Most looking for advice are probably not in possession of said legendaries

2 Dependency on legendaries can lead to bad habits and poor play in my opinion

Also might be good to see a character in action with tactics, strategies, and approaches that best exemplify these characters strengths and warn of their weaknesses


Too bad Isic isn’t really that good.


Right? He’s so bad…


For sure
No one should ever play as ISIC
Insta bad

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I think we can all agree that ISIC really needs some buffs :smirk:


If only he could role back to day one
THEN he’d be viable


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And a new skin :smirk: :


You mean when he had aoe damage and a perma slow?

You forgot the 100% stronger wards
The 67% faster watchful wards
And the 20% greater health

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Was the aoe really that bad? The perma slow I agree should not be a thing.

Yeah he was more like Montana. Try going toe to toe with Monty now and your in trouble even with reflection.

Kinda like a tank right?

But hush about the AOE
he’s terrible now



That’s what I meant. I realize now that that post I made didn’t really illustrate my opinion but rather pointed out a fact. I played Isic a lot in the beta with a pocket miko. He was a beast. I would love to see him back up to his former glory or at least closer to it. He should be a Montana alternative and be able to fill the same role. He can’t right now. It’s like they want him somewhere between Toby and Montana but there is no role like that as they are opposites with one at the front and one at the back.

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