Battleborn Builds Episode 7 - Thorn

Gamers Conclave back with another build video guys!

As always we hope to hear feedback from you guys we hope you enjoy the video and more content is on the way!

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Neat. A couple of things:

Heks-sang-win-ay-shun is how you pronounce R at level 5

Eldrid lose shields for a paltry 7 health regen yes, but a syringe is 50 percent more effective on eldrid( and you can get a free one for them) and a secondary health regen gear is 100 percent better on them. Just wanted to denote that

When testing shield pen values for certain builds I recommend using a Kleese as a dummy since his shields are larger and can recover them faster through his rifts.

Now I don’t wanna nit pick helix choices and which is better since its YOUR build but I think you do a poor example of showcasing R at 3. The people who take that helix don’t take it for the increased melee damage(though it has been helpful with the dam increase admittedly) but the fact that it gives your qm a push back for juking and even getting to vantage points otherwise inaccessible which you stated your build wanted. With the qm you can get to the top of the opposing teams stairs from the very bottom on monuments which is something only the most agile of battleborn can do. I just feel like you completely glossed over the push back aspect of the helix


A good Thorn combo is cursed arrow - Volley - ult, this will take out a large portion of the cast. With the level 1 penetrating volley you can potentially get so many multi-kills by volleying grouped up enemies and then ulting them, which in my opinion is way more valuable than 15% damage on blight!

I prefer the cast range on level 2 because it can secure kills from far away, especially with the slow.

I don’t think the lifesteal at level 9 is necessary (with the gear I will show below) and the 15% damage is great especially when you crit something like a Thrall.

You probably should have showed some other gear set ups (like non-legos too), this is the one I use:

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The gear is cheap and effective (if you struggle to survive then use purples over greens).

But nice video and most the stuff there I agree with :slight_smile:


I really think 10 passive regen would be perfect. It’s not a lot but I think it’s a fair compromise.

Same goes for Kelvins lvl 1 left helix. 3 more hp per second isn’t a lot but I think it will do fine.

Or should vary on the Eldrid? When stacking regen they can get 7+21+7+7= 42 health regen per second.

At level 1 that’s roughly 4% health per second for 4 of the Eldrids.

I’m not sure what Kelvin can get his regen up to but I think 7 is fine :slight_smile:

7 regen was come up with before many of the cast had wound and doesn’t make up for the lack of shield

I play a lot of Thorn and Melka and I’m not really getting hit by wounds too much.

Also the Eldrid are unaffected by a lot of negative gear (obviously the shield related ones) so that makes up for it also!

Every faction has a negative gear just as any melee can use negative reload etc

I know that, but only the Eldrids are unaffected by the negative shield gear.

And? There are enough negative gear that it shouldn’t matter especially in regards to eldrid base regen

Kelvin and Boldur are also affected by negative shield gear. Along with every eldrid if Reyna is your support

If you ever meet a dude named something along the lines of NSILENCE on PS4, and he plays Thorn, take notes. Because he will probably murder you. A lot. And you will want to know how.

I think I killed him once with Toby? That’s probably the only time.

Kelvin is still negativity effected by most shield negatives.

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Yeah I know I think I wrote my sentence in the wrong way :joy:

Also when showcasing the extra bonus to damage vs cursed opponents, that only applies to cursed arrows and skills that hit the enemy that is cursed. When you were trying to show the extra damage you were firing non cursed arrows after applying the curse.

Made a video to properly show the use of Burst Propulsion @fallencalob91
The extra damage is barely worth mentioning when you consider this skill, and you did state that you were going for mobility when you were picking the level seven helix.


That’s awesome man! I had no idea you could use it that way thanks for the video.

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Next video dropping later tonight!

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