Battleborn can be a genre defining game... CAN BE

So, I got into the PC closed BETA back in october, and I have to say, I just didnt like it. Real bummer because I was looking for the next “Borderlands” and no other action RPG out there holds my interest besides Diablo 3 but even that is on and off. Destiny? nope. The Division? Hot garbage.

So between then and now I kept my eye on this, and Overwatch even though they are nothing alike, they are going to be forever linked to eachother. Watching Overwatch I had to say it looks awesome and Battleborn looks awful, imo ever since I played it.

Well, I decided to play the open beta on PS4 because, reasons, and HOLY SMOKING CHICKEN AT A BBQ is this game amazing! I LOVE IT. Once I decided to NOT look for Borderlands and open my eyes to the MOBA elements and simply how unique the game is, I danced like Elvis on shrooms. This is the single most unique game ive ever played and more fun than a bag of s— in a all white party. seriously, its that good.

It breaks my heart that so many people have no idea what this game is, or just think its Overwatch. I TRULY think that when both of these games are out, a lot of people from the Overwatch community will bleed into this game because its just amazing. Ive made a personal crusade to tell every person about this game, even people who dont play games I dont give a s—. If 2k wont market, I sure as s— will. You can stop Blizzard, they have a fanbase and its well deserved because their worst games are better than 99% of the games that come out anyway… BUT, im pretty dang sure when it comes content vs content, Overwatch is gonna lose this battle.

Now on a different note, its sad that these games are even being compared to eachother because theyre honestly nothing alike. Overwatch offers nothing for people who dont want to pvp, and that alone will turn people away (hopefully towards me jumping up and down with the big Battleborn sign in my hand).

k im done ranting, back to my Beta session


I totally agree! I constantly get the feeling of “OH GOD, I GOTTA TALK TO EVERYBODY ABOUT THIS GAME” and I also totally agree, OW and BB are completely different!

Apart from the different gameplay, I would also like to raise another point which in my opinion is very interesting. When it comes to incentive to play a Blizzard game, Blizz tends to make their games ressemble to the obligations of marital life. If you have ever played a recent Blizz game, you should know what I am talking about:

When you play a Blizz game, you need to play it every day in order not to lose the rewards and keep up with the grinding, you need to be there in its ups and downs so that you can secure your winnings, you cannot take breaks and play other games, you cannot do any of that stuff.

So, yeah, you got that one as a really big difference as well.

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Thank you for your post. It made me smile :grin: Overcoming the comparisons with Borderlands and Overwatch has been such a big problem for getting gamers on board with BB. It’s nice to hear from someone who chose to come to it with an open mind and clearly enjoys it very much. I wish you many hours of fun.

The most amazing thing to me is how fun pvp actually is in this game. As someone usually runs very fast from competitive games this was a real eye opener.
“Came for the pve, stayed for the pvp” will be bouncing around the internet…

Copy that! :dukeparty: