BattleBorn can't connect to network

OK, so until today I can’t play the game, everytime I open it and it tries to sign in, it says “Failed to complete the patching process. Please check your network connection and try again”, and the thing is, it worked with my friend on the same router in my house, I tried everything but it didn’t work. :frowning: I really wanna play but this is stopping me :frowning:

I’ve had the same issue, except I have tried more than one PSN account on my Ps4 . Power cycled system , router, and modem. Any ideas @Gearbox ?

The beta test has finished now.

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Same exact network patching error, as of yesterday.
4th Prettiest Moderator, please elaborate your answer. Is there a correction for us?
Xbox live is our platform.

Elaboration completed, took me a few…
Beta testing for our account has ended, need to purchase the game to play further through this account.

Aha moment

Just for the record, this is the same problem that was reported on this post: Player initialization failed on PC

I hope that we get some kind of solution when the full game gets release.

My comment was only to infer that since the beta had ended, no connection would be possible under any circumstances. I have no information about the previous connection difficulties. And I do hope they get fixed.

I do know that gearbox read this forum, and the beta was done to identify problems like these.