Battleborn character idea: "Mad" jack Hunter

This is essentially my personal character idea, I’ve had him for a long time, he didn’t start out as a character idea, but i figured i’d make him one.

Jack Hunter:

Faction: Rouge

class: Maniac ( DPS )

Health: 250

Shield: 300

Lore: we mainly know him as a human “vigilante” as he calls himself, a homicidal madman with a thing against “all forms of evil”; he constantly traveled in search of people to kill. we recently caught him in a stolen jennerit ship, with its original owner in the co-pilot seat with his legs badly damaged. he asked us if we were “hiring” and said he needed somewhere to stay, and considering his skill in all forms of combat, we decided to let him aboard, in event of extreme emergency. I personally hope he doesn’t end up killing Deande considering her former position with Rendain.


6 ft. 4 in.

Red vest, black baseball cap, goggles, a robotic leg and a green satchel he keeps as part of his “super ability”

Passive ability: psychosis
Killing any enemy who deals damage to a player gives 20% more speed to both RoF and movement.

“c’mon and hit me ya pansy, it makes it more fun!”

Talent: Robo-leg!
"I miss my old leg, but at least it don’t itch."
Sprint has 15 second duration

Weapon(s): Auto-Pistol and Cleaver
AP: 40 round clip
AP:moderate recoil
Cleaver: E to melee

Ability 1: Toss
use Q to throw cleaver, regenerates after 5 seconds deals, 15% damage to enemy

“Hey dummy, Catch!”

Ability 2: Bullet Wall
press F
player shoots full auto from left to right, using 10 shots

“I’m gonna lay you out!”

Ultimate: Psychosis
Jack reaches into his satchel to pull out a extended pistol slide
and massive 2 drum pistol mag
mag provides 200 bullets
slide provides uncontrollable firing and severe recoil
"you wanna see crazy!? I’LL SHOW YOU CRAZY!"
(opera voice) “corpses everywhere!”

Passive: “Lefty”

gun is held in the left hand, all controls are normal.
“it’s called sinistry, f**ker”

i decided not to come up do the helix stuff because this is already complicated as it is, and i plan on writing the audio logs as well as a rough draft of the character’s look, but it’s in pencil so there won’t be any color to it. tell me what you think in the comments.

in-game quotes:

“if you’re gonna get blood on me, make sure it lands on the vest”

“killing for a cause… nah, that just sounds dumb”

“oooooh, that looks like it hurts”

(upon clearing an area) “i think i just outdid myself, sweet.”

(large killstreak) “are you guys just throwing yourselves at me? 'cuz that’s how this feels.”

" man, this never gets old!"

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