Battleborn Character Idea, Torch

This is my Battleborn idea its been in my head for a while so this is what I got.

Health:1100 Shield:500

Lore: Unknown to a lot of people including himself but he was in a dangerous explosion which had him close to deaths arms. He was led in an experiment that saved his life but at the cost of his calm side. After the experiment he tried to apply to the UPR he was denied many times because of his damage. Furious about this he went into a state of rage that burned everything around. He couldn’t stop which led to the entire planet to burn to the ground which he was hated for by the Eldrid. No one knows his name or whats under his mask
but what ever is left behind him is just pain and flames.

Taste The Heat
Doing fire damage adds Taste The Heat stacks.
Each stack +25 health but -10 shield up to 20 stacks.
Decreases after 50 seconds.
Welders Hood
A nice scratched up hood still works though.
See targets in ongoing flame.
The Old and The New
Primary fire an old lever rifle.
Rifle has 7 bullets then has to manually reload each round.
75 damage 150 on crit.
Secondary uses a welding torch
Weld torch:50 damage and 5 damage for 8 seconds
Weld torch has 20 fuel and no crit.

Skill 1
Burns everyone around you. 50 damage for 8 seconds
Cooldown:20 Seconds
Skill 2
Handcrafted fire grenade, how nice. 100 damage 25 damage for 5 seconds
Cooldown:20 Seconds
Skill 3
Like how they say go out in a blaze of glory.
On activation sets yourself on fire
+50 damage per second to self
+10% speed
Old rifle
+25 rate of fire
+25% reload speed
+25 burn damage per second for 2 seconds
-25% accuracy
Welding torch
+25% range
+25 damage
+25 afterburn damage
-10 fuel

1 Firebreath

 Now fires in a line.
  +25% range

2 Flashback

  +Silence and Blind for 5 seconds
  -Burn damage

3 Hunting the bad
Old rifle*

  +5 magazine size

4 Got to stop now

  +15% range

5 Just like the old days
Taste The Heat*

  Each stack now adds haste
  +1% to speed per Taste The Heat

6 Flame guard

 Activation starts to 
 regenerates Torch's shield.

7 Pro-Pain
Weld torch*

  +25% range

8 I don’t want to

 Area of effect
  +50 health per second

9 Not handmade anymore

  Standard issue grenades.
  +125% damage
  +25% cooldown
  -Replaces Firenades

10 Firestopper

 Gives health were its needed.
  +25 health Regen for teammates

1 Slag adhesive

  +Now sticks
  +1 second delay

2 Third degree

  +25 Damage per second

3 Keeping it close
Old rifle*

  Fires 8 projectiles doing 20 damage

4 Sparker

 Spawns 4 child grenades which explodes twice before going away
 +20 damage then 10 damage

5 Keep burning
Taste The Heat*

 Each stack now adds damage
  +.5 Fire damage per stack

6 More fire more fun

  +10 damage per second

7 Got to love the smell
Weld torch*

  +Fire arch also fire stays on ground for 2 seconds

8 Set the world on fire

 Area of effect
  +100 damage for 1 second

9 Blue flames

  +50 damage
  +5 seconds burn damage

10 Pyromaniac

 Enemies around you take damage
  +50 damage close, 1 damage far per second

1 Prepared
Weld torch*

  +5 mag

3 Bolt, not lever
Old rifle*

  +125 damage
  -6 mag
  -100% slower reload speed

7 Not acetylene, gasoline
Weld torch*

  +crit, doing 65 damage
  +10 range
  -20 damage             

9 Scorcher

  +3 seconds of duration
  +10 Fire damage and 2 seconds of burn damage

10 Lone phoenix

   +50 burn damage to self
   +every positve effect for old rifle and weld torch in Ignition by 10