Battleborn Character Ideas

So I’ve been playing (and started recording) Battleborn and I for one found the game to be amazing. However, I was disappointed in a few things. The gamelay was jumpy and the story was short but I’ll save that for another time. This is all about characters the game needs to make playable.

The game introduces two formidable foes I feel should become playable in the dlcs of the future. After all, it’s not uncommon for a game to make the villain playable but since this is Battleborn they would need to implement some story as to why they joined the fight against the Varelsi.

I personally would love to see Rendain become a playable character in a future update. I don’t know what the backstory to him suddenly going good could be but I have a few ideas for his abilities. He could be the very first summoner class having skills that summon Varelsi or Thralls by to fight by his side. His augments could buff up his summons, allowing stronger minions to be summoned (but if they reach boss level they would have extremely low health and high damage, the higher the damage the lower the health so there aren’t a bunch of max health Conservators running around). I for one would love to play as him if they made this a thing.

My other idea for a character would simply be a Varelsi that joined the fight. The back story could have to do with the Varelsi being pawns controlled by a higher being but this one became sentient and fled to report to the Battleborn. After almost being killed on sight they decide to hear him/her out to then realize they were given accurate info (could lead into a mission) and decide to let this Varelsi join the fight. It would start off insanely weak, simply being a Shulk but have a portal bloom escape skill and the ability to summon (or mind control) other friendly Shulks (if summoned they would be some sort of resistance against the oppressor). The ultimate skill could be the ability to turn into one random Varelsi (other than a Shulk) for one minute. The tier 10 augment would replace this with the ability to become a Conservator but shorten the time to 10 seconds so you better make it count.

So what do you guys think of the character ideas? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for stopping by.

I wanna play that guy with twin shields there are statues of on Jennerit levels. That kid looks like a beast.

Never noticed a statue like that. I’ll have to look for it. Likely a teaser knowing Gearbox.

They have random statues in some of the Jennerit themed levels (Saboteur and Heliophage). They even have one of Caldarius and I think Rath as well.

I did not notice that. Probably because I was rushing to my friends aid on a live stream of his. Lol

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The only reason I noticed was because I’ve played the Heliophage so many times because of Attikus lore. lol