Battleborn character level progression

Hadn’t played Battleborn for roughly two weeks. Now I played it once more, and it felt like the characters’ level progression has been slowed down immensively. Previously within character level 1-5 I could advance up to two levels in just one match, and even at 10+ you would not have to play more than two matches in order to advance.

Now the experience gain seems to be even less than half it had been before, which makes playing far less enjoyable. I do not have the time to play all these characters that long, and I do not want to focus on just one or two of them, I want to enjoy all of the. Yet I still have to unlock a lot of helix mutations and this is very hindering.

Imho this is quite demotivating.

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Yep. We may get another one when Pendles is released though.

Most games that have a level progression system increase the experience needed to get to the next level, this is not new. I think the level progression is fairly quick even once you have to play about 5 games to level up.

I do not take the Double Exp Weekend into account, because during that event I could climb from 11 to 12 with Orendi in just a single successful co-op mission. Now it took me THREE successful co-op missions to bring Montana from lvl 6 to 7. That is far too much/long for my taste and it hasn’t been that way before.

And no! Some games even lower the XP values in order to speed up character level progression. Even World of Warcraft did this before the release of Wrath of the Lich King.

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I feel the same too. But I won’t bet on it, maybe I’m wrong - I play much less during last two weeks than first two weeks of the game, for example.