Battleborn Character Model Viewer

Hey folks! I’ve decided to release my Battleborn model viewer in its current state. It’s not quite where I wanted it to be, but I lost the momentum I had I month ago and it could be a while before it comes back. So enjoy!

I also made a twitter thread talking about it in more detail. Feel free to hit me up if you have questions, etc.


Yesss!! It’s finally here! lowlines has been talking about a character model viewer for years and I’m super excited that it’s online now, more expansive than I had ever thought! Artists like myself couldn’t have hoped for a better tool to view the characters and get amazing references; in the game itself I had tried every trick in the book trying to get those but it was always a pain in the ass and the results were often lacking.

Yet, much more importantly, a big portion of the work put into Battleborn has been safely preserved for public access. These characters were the heart and soul of this game, and once the servers go, we’ll still have a way of marveling at them. :two_hearts:

Thank you lowlines for your coding wizardry, and your involvement in the Battleborn community. I feel super lucky to have had you do this for us!