Battleborn Character Themes

If you had to pick a song that describes a Battleborn character who would it be and what song?

Thorne : Two Steps From Hell - Fearless

Rath : Pendulum - Tempest
(Star Wars Imperial March maybe?)

Miko : London Zoo - Poison Dart

Benedict : GitS:SSS Ost - Aramakis Theme

Orendi : Marilyn Manson - The beautifull People
would post a link, but all uncensored versions get deleted once a week or so^^

Will add more by chance^^


Nah, for Orendi I would chose something like punk rock honestly.
Or this:


Great choice! :smiley:
I also thought about some older Prodigy songs^^

Orendi - head hammerz crit blitz tarnation. PUSH IT.


Another great song!

must resist urge to post one of my favorite bands that probably won’t fit anyway

Perhaps. But I’m personally not really a fan of them. If we go that route I would say Suicide Commando.

Haaa you now SC??? Cool!

Had to think of some older Combichrist songs too… Something that jumps in your face^^

PS: KMFDM anyone? Badass music.

What about Front Line Assembly or Skinny Puppy?
FLA is a personal favorite.

Also, kudo’s for your music taste!

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Ohhhh dear, nostalgia!!! Skinny Puppy an FLA ran on heavy rotation in my gothic time!
Though I listened to alot german industrial gothic stuff, like Agonize, RoterSand, FunkerVogt , SamsasTraum, Therion…
Then it switched more to metal stuff, like Kataklysm, Soulfly, Brujeria… Today I´m listen to alot of different music styles, but I´m always so picky with new music, so its mostly old stuff.

Metal is my thing, mostly. But don’t mind non-metal stuff. One of my favorite artsists is Anneke Van Giersbergen.
EBM, Industrial and such contain some great artists I really like aswell.

Anyway, what about Phoebe?

For all the BattleBorn themselves I’d say something like “Soldiers” by Otherwise or “Battle Cry” by Judas Priest. Or “The Last in Line” cover by Tenacious D. Miss you, Ronnie

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