Battleborn characters (PS4)

I’m just curious how people are able to play as Isic, Mellka, Reyna, Benedict or Boldur already during the CTT. On my system each of them are locked and requires to be purchased at 999,999 credits in order to unlock. I’ve gotten my Commander Rank up to level 22 while playing multiplayer story mode as often as possible, with the highest character rank at 3 on Oscar Mike. Yet I’ve seen people with Commander Ranks between 1 and 4 playing as Benedict, Reyna, Isic, and Mellka. How is this possible?
I’m very confused!

From what I hear, if you logged in during the specified stress test times they gave you 999999 credits so you could buy/test one of those characters. Dunno if it’s true but that’s what I’ve been told.

It is true. You can check their Twitter feed to confirm.

That’s a whole lot of bull!!! I was logged in all day during that time yet they didn’t give me any credits.

I played during the test time but I still haven’t gotten free tokens :frowning:

Yup, same. Played in the 11am time frame, but no credits. I did read on another website, however, that it may have been only during the 2-3 time frame. Which… kinda sucks. I didn’t know the specific time mattered.

Originally, if you were logged in during the peak of the test you would be awarded enough money to buy a character to play, so not only do you need to be on during the test, but at the right time when the highest number of players active.

However, I believe they later changed it to so that everyone gets the money, regardless of what time you logged in - so long as it was within the 2 hour time period.

Then, reports came up that not everyone had been rewarded properly - so they are aware of it, and they said that as well as it being a stress test, it’s also a test to ensure awards are handed out appropriately - which of course didn’t work as intended, and they are looking into a solution.

But don’t fret, they’ve already said there will be other opportunities to get the remaining characters, after all, there’s 4 months before the intended release date.

Also, just to point out, this is the general Battleborn forum, I’d suggest keeping topics like this to the CTT forum, just as a precaution.

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I suppose that makes sense. Sometimes I forget This is a test and not a demo. I have been enjoying the hell out of it and can’t wait to play the full game!