Battleborn Chess Set

Edit by PH: Discussion of a battleborn themed chess set ensues! (Split from this thread: Battleborn Incursion Strategy = Chess with Guns)

I know you had a really well thought out post and all, but now I can only think of Battleborn being made into chess figures. Arachnis could be a (spider) king with ISIC being the Queen (being the more powerful one).


And Ghalt is the king and Kleese is the queen of the other side.

Man. Even if you didn’t do Battleborn heroes it’d be awesome. Like llc robots vs varelsi

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Pawns: Little melee minion bots for one side, lowest-rank Varelsi for the other?

That would be rad.


Haha well the post does have our thoughts but yes I would buy the ■■■■ out of Battleborn chess

If the community could decide which Battleborn could be which chess figure I´d DEFINATELY sculpt the figures & build a chess board in BB-style. Best fancraft-idea I heard so far, my fingers are itching already! :smiley:

PS: I know this topic was´nt really about chess in the first, I apologize^^ REally like your post, you seem to have a great team on your side! :heart:


King = Ghalt (leader of the Battleborn)
Queen = Reyna (pirate queen extraordinaire, and Ghalt wuuuvs her)
Bishops = Ambra & Miko (most important part of being a bishop: big funny hat!)
Knights = Rath & Galilea (actual knights)
Rooks = ISIC & Toby (huge constructs)
Pawns = miniature Oscar Mike clone troopers! :heart_eyes:
…or minion bots, I guess, but an army of chibi Oscar Mikes totally wins.


Thanks for the new topic @Psychichazard ! :heart:

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LOVE your choice of characters so far! Though I feel the Eldrid come a bit short, but Miko is great!
Rath & Galilea = perfect choice!

I try to figure which could be the 2nd figures-set… If it should be consisted of other Battleborn or different enemies? I´d love a Conservator as evil bishop, but its gonna be such a pain in the butt to sculpt ToT

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Btw: Has anyone experiences with working/crafting with silicone?

If so: I could sculpt figures and you (yes you!) could do silicone molds for resin casts. It would be soooo badass!!!

I´m only professional with sculpting, my molding/casting skills are…its really a mess…

If we discount pawns, there’s only 8 positions and 5 factions. Assuming everyone gets at least 1 representative, there’s only 3 spots left, so at best 2 factions will miss out on a second pass. :cry:

Even splitting the factions between teams doesn’t work out neatly since there’s an odd number of the buggers. But, took a run at making both sides Battleborn teams, with a different angle on things:


King = Ghalt (as before)
Queen = Reyna (as before)
Bishops = Orendi & Miko (Orendi has a sweet pointy hat!)
Knights = Thorn & Mellka (knights jump over other pieces, so, two ladies that jump a bunch ;))
Rooks = Montana & Toby (swole patrol + big construct)
Pawns = little Oscar Mike clones (:heart_eyes:)



King = Kleese (sits at the back desperately trying not to get killed)
Queen = Phoebe (nobility, moves like crazy, murders everything on the board)
Bishops = Ambra & Deande (chess bishops, much like Deande, sit at the right hand of power)
Knights = Caldarius & El Dragón (leaping over other pieces with a jetpack + flying luchador)
Rooks = ISIC & Attikus (gotta go large)
Pawns = Minion bots (:robot:)


I am loving that this topic took off and will 100% be buying or paying for a copy of this Battleborn Chess set!

P.S. Pawns = Little Oscar Mike Clones = GENIUS


Rather than Faction vs Faction, I’d rather do good vs bad.
Also, I’m against having the same piece be two different characters. And I’m trying to take character shape into consideration.


King = Ghalt (Still trying to figure out King and Queen)
Queen = Ambra (Still trying to figure out King and Queen)
Bishops = Marquis (rifle pointing up, not out)
Knights = Benedict
Rooks = Toby or Kleese
Pawns = little Oscar Mikes


King = Lothar Rendain
Queen = Deande (Yea, I know, but still)
Bishops = Verelsi caster demon thing
Knights = ISIC … bad guy form
Rooks = Arachnis
Pawns = little Varelsi


Maybe something to do with Nova? I’m not sure. I don’t want it to be TOO busy, but I also don’t want just black and white.

Also, I would buy this any amount under $70 for sure. I would heavily consider it for up to $120

PS - Montana is not on this Board… and it makes me sad. in my ideal world, he’d be King.

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So I know Chess typically only has 2 sets (white and black)…but for a Battleborn version, I can’t see why we couldn’t have 5 sets:


  • King: Caldarius
  • Queen: Ambra
  • Bishops: Deande
  • Knights: Rath
  • Rooks: Attikus


  • King: Boldur
  • Queen: Mellka
  • Bishops: Miko
  • Knights: Thorn
  • Rooks: Kelvin


  • King: Kleese
  • Queen: ISIC
  • Bishops: Marquis
  • Knights: Phoebe
  • Rooks: El Dragon


  • King: Ghalt
  • Queen: Galilea
  • Bishops: Benedict
  • Knights: Oscar Mike
  • Rooks: Montana


  • King: Reyna
  • Queen: Shayne & Aurox
  • Bishops: Orendi
  • Knights: Whiskey Foxtrot
  • Rooks: Toby

Naturally the minion bots could be the pawns. I just think having multiple characters be the rooks or bishops could become confusing.


Huh… That’s a REALLY good point, actually…


What about a customizable set with a base that designates the type of chess piece? You have basic Minions, Varelsi or Thrall available for use with the basic pieces, but for the others you can pick which Battleborn you want for each role. Just pop out whatever character is in that piece and pop in the one you want. Why limit things? This will also allow for the chess set to be upgraded when new Battleborn characters are released.


Nice - but I had to sculpt & paint every figure per hand, so 5 sets would be not solveable >.<

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Yeah a nice idea, but I wanted to sculpt/craft the figures per hand and it seems a bit much :dizzy_face:

I really love the set combinations though!


Pawns: Primal Thrall, Blade Bot, Varelsi Skulk
Knight: Thrall Gunner, Gun Bot, Varelsi Marksmen
Rook: Thrall Bonecrusher, Ronin Bot, Varelsi Berserker
Bishop: Thrall Beastmaster, Deadeye Bot, Varelsi Hunter
Queen: Thrall Brute, Elite Bot, Varelsi Defiler
King: Warlord Nix, M1.Sentry, ConsDefiler


King: Kleese
Queen: Phoebe
Bishop: Marquis
Knight: El Dragon
Rook: ISIC
Pawns: Minions

King: Rath
Queen: Deande
Bishop: Ambra
Knight: Caldarius
Rook: Atticus
Pawns: Primal Thralls

King: Melka
Queen: Thorn
Bishop: Miko
Knight: Boldur
Rook: Kelvin
Pawns: Stone Guardians

King: Ghalt
Queen: Galilea
Bishop: Benedict
Knight: Oscar Mike
Rook: Montana
Pawns: Assault Drones

King: Reyna
Queen: Shayne & Aurox
Bishop: Orendi
Knight: Whiskey Foxtrot
Rook: Toby
Pawns: just Shayne or mech-less Toby

Just my two cents. Would have included the DLC characters but that would’ve meant kicking some characters down to Pawn-status.

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