Battleborn closed technical test is done?

When i woke up this morning i found out that my battleborn test was no more in my steam account, so i hope you will be able to answer what happend. Is it finished or is it me who is no more longer able to play it ? :slight_smile:
Thank you for reading this post and answering as fast as you can :slight_smile:

No, the CTT has finished now.

Alright got it thanks :slight_smile: i was scared i got banned for no reason ahaha

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Okay, glad I could clear that up!

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Is it needed open then? There are about 5 more like this topic… And it was solved…

@nathanielmattock use the flag system or a link in a pm to bring such things to our attention, please. Bumping a thread just compounds the issue. Thanks.

But it is only 8 hours old! But I will next time…