Battleborn Closed Technical Test on Steam?

Will the technical test be on Steam or we will need to play it from a launcher until official release?

I could be wrong, but the technical test will likely not be available on Steam. Because of Steam’s community/social features such as game broadcasting, it would make it rather easy to accidentally violate the NDA.

That’s not a big deal. The devs can deactivate all these stuff. I had several closed alpha and beta tests on steam. Then you simply can’t use the streaming feature or the screenshot function.

And of course you can use third party programs so basically it doesn’t matter where you do a closed alpha test.

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Totally forgot about the built in Steam broadcast feature. The easiest way to prevent this would be to disable the Steam overlay using the launch settings from the library. Only downside to that is it won’t help fish out any bugs in that little piece of software collaboration.

I’m not sure what closed alpha or beta tests you participated in, but my as far as knowledge goes, It is impossible for the developers of a game to disable the built in steam overlay features as it is not part of the game’s code, but an entirely separate program. Unless, Valve added the feature for developers to control it. In that case there would be no problem.
However, as you said, adding the 3rd party launcher to steam would work fine, but just know any violations of the NDA would be entirely on your head for using steam. So just make sure the overlay is disabled.
On another note, It shouldn’t really matter if you use steam or not. You’re not going to be using any of steam’s features in the test anyway.

I believe the game calls for the steam Overlay after it starts (i’m not a computer science guy, so take this with that grain of salt), so either beta of the game could have that bit commented out, or during install it could set one of the start parameters as ‘disable Steam overlay’. But yeah, Steam has built in beta capabilities, so as long as you’re not trying to broadcast, you should be fine.