Battleborn Club on Xbox One

Hey everyone!

Xbox has a new feature that’s going to be rolling out to everyone soon but is currently available to all preview program members called - Clubs. With the dwindling player base on the amazing game that is Battleborn, we need to take matters into our own hands and band together to keep this game that we love so much thriving! The club is open to everyone and anyone who wants to speed up the pace of matchmaking and continue to kick some assistance in versus, complete story Co Op and hunt achievements.

The Club name is “Battleborn of Solus”.

If you’re in the preview program join asap! And when Clubs is available for everyone we should have a thriving community of badass Battleborn to keep this game going for all to enjoy!

If you would like to add me to play in the mean time my tag is “Gungnir Hybrid”

Thanks all!


How does one in the preview program go about joining this club?

Edit: Must not have been updated for me yet. No option under the community tab

Can you send me a FR @Gungnir
I’ve wanted to get in the Preview Program for some time

I can but I can’t get you into the preview program. They stopped that a while back. It’ll be out soon for everyone though.

thanks anyway