Battleborn collectible figures set

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Glad I got these when the game launched then. That’s $25 per figure!

How someone is willing to pay that much for these terrible figures is beyond me. I kept my very derpy Thorn in the box for a good reason, and it is not because it is a collector’s item.

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Glad I got Orendi
She was the one I wanted anyway

Yikes, I can say the figures are NOT worth this much. I wouldn’t pay 25 for all of them, let alone 25 per figure.
I’d love to get Battleborn merch but only if it looks like it wasn’t made by a bunch of grade schoolers.


What a bargain…

Found a similar hillarious offer on ebay months ago (that seller wanted 146€), could´nt believe one would charge so much. Payed 24€ or so for the full box at release and I´m quiet happy that I was able to repaint them properly.

Still silently hope for high-quality merchandise in regards of actionfigures or displays. Or a talking NOVA-lamp-alarmclock-combo.


Quite a high price for what is simply left over Press kits from launch, and the figures are tiny, not really a $25 per figure value…

(see mine here)

I honestly had no idea some of you got them cheaper. :blush:

I really wanted a Battleborn guide. And collectible figures. And cool t-shirts. And key chains. And mugs. Damn!

I want the faction pins. I’ve only been able to find one person selling them and that one was at a ridiculously high price too…

The faction banners. I want it!

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that price is ridiculous! i got all of them just by asking in different game stores if they had any left from the preorder. they were happy to give them to someone who really wanted them (for free), they were not allowed to sell them since they were just for the preorder and had no official price.

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…Wow! :smile:

Yeah, but that counts only for the single-boxed figures that were ment as gifts anyway.
The full box was up for sale in the 2K-store, but for far less money.
(I can´t remember if I payed 24€ or 36€ in 2K-store back at launch, but I´m pretty sure I did´nt payed over a hundret bucks)

When they got sold out a few weeks later I saw ebay offers from 124€ up to 240€ for the full box. (Might look insane, but licensed merch from not-so-popular games always reaches such heights rather fast in my experience.)

Single figures, as they were retailed in gamestores, are still rather cheap to find in the web though, at least on ebay-Germany/EU. The regular deal on them internationally is 20-40$ though, which is quiet wacko…

(But nothing compared to the limited Gwent cards from Witcher3 - 200€ for a set of faction-cards -.-)

FWIW I got a Claptrap figure with stand at ToysRus for $10

(“For what it´s worth”? Sorry, I´m not good at internet-speak >.<)

It´s a great deal! I mostly hunt on ebay, usually used/damaged merch that I repair and give new paint & glory.
(already thinking if I can turn it into a second business^^)

Yes FWIW has been For What It’s Worth since the BBS days.
(I’m the one that ran the 25 node WILDCAT! support BBS for Microsoft back then.)

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These hurt me… And it’s not like it’s that hard to just make your own. Or that expensive.