Battleborn Community Art Collaboration

(Thrall Lover) #1

I’ve had the idea of an art collaboration for this game for a long time, but I finally got the gumption to actually put this idea out there.

So what is this?

This is just another way for the art community in the Battleborn fandom to get together and show our love for this game! Each artist will be drawing one character, so as to allow room for as many people as possible. If there aren’t enough people on board with this, then the artists will get more than one to fill out the roster.

What if I’m interested in being an artist for this?

Simply dm me here (or whatever platform you saw this on) so I can get you assigned to a character. Keep in mind that it will be first come, first serve, but don’t be afraid to request! You never know if someone has been reserved yet.

Is there a deadline for this?

While I’m not going to enforce a hard deadline for this, I would very much like for this to be done by the end of July. You can begin this as soon as you want, but make sure to have it done before August if you want your picture to make it onto the final image.

What do I need to do?

Once you have your character assigned, you’ll be drawing your character in the pose that they’re in on the Lithograph image, as seen in the header above. The reason for this is to be courteous to the other artists and make sure there is plenty of room for them (If the largest characters were all in the front, doing the YMCA poses, then they would be blocking most of the other characters).
Your character will need to be on a transparent backdrop so that I can edit them into the group picture, so digital art will be strongly preferred. I already have to fit them into the group image, so the less editing I have to do to your addition, the better.
They do need to be in color. Battleborn is a colorful game, and the characters even moreso! Please keep them in their default colors.
Since I’ll have to adjust their size to fit correctly in the group picture, please draw them big so that they won’t get blurry when they get resized.

What about the DLC characters?

The 5 DLC characters will be included! Make sure they are posed appropriately and not obscuring too many of the other characters. They will be scaled as closely to their accurate size as possible.

Will I get credit for my artwork?

Of course! Once the picture is finished, I’ll be uploading it onto tumblr with a complete list of all of the artists involved! If you are not on tumblr, you will still be credited and linked to when possible! Please don’t put a watermark over your character as that will interrupt the composition of the full image. I promise, full credit will be given to everyone involved.

Feel free to ask me any further questions that I may have missed in this post. I want everyone to have fun with this!

(Brute 912) #2

Can I use the spider bot sentries from Oscar Mike Vs The Battle School as the artwork for this art Collaboration? How about the other bosses in the Story campaign like Foreman Grall and Warlord Nix? Can they be accepted too?

(Thrall Lover) #3

This is a great question! While I’m always down to see some love for the npcs and antagonists (especially the Thralls <3), this is a collab for the Battleborn heroes. I am only accepting the 30 playable characters for this community graph.

Depending on the success of this one, I may do another for favored extras and enemies, but that’s a bit too far in the future to plan for right now.

(Brute 912) #4

Okay. Thanks.

(Brute 912) #5

@Nema We can only pick one Battleborn hero only?

(Thrall Lover) #6

That would be ideal, so as to keep space open for as many people as possible. However, if I am unable to get enough people, then I will allow people to call for more than one character.

This is also to avoid overwhelming the participants.

(Brute 912) #7

Okay. Thanks for the time gap though. My reason is because I’m team lead at my job place now and I’ve been working for 6 days for the past weeks. I asked them if I can do 2 days off now and I finally got it. It was tough because so many people kept calling off or did no call and no show. I had to fill in for them on my days off. I’m deciding right now if I want to do a Jennerit character, but I don’t know which one.

(Thrall Lover) #8

Yeah I completely understand that. I’m working full time at a gas station, so my free time is super limited. I wanted to allow for enough time for it not to feel like a crunch since I’m aware that there are folks out there with even less time than myself.

As soon as you decide on a character (the only Jennerit left at this point are Deande and Caldarius), definitely let me know so I can get your spot reserved.

(Brute 912) #9

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Brute 912) #10

I have another question. Does it have to be the exact silhouette from the image that’s being displayed? For instance, no chibi or realistic art styles? No adjustments to the anatomy like from head to toes?

(Thrall Lover) #11

Another fantastic question. While I strongly encourage you to take artistic liberties, it would be best to keep the character as close to the silhouette in the original as possible. This is due to the fact that some of the characters are interacting with each other (Benedict standing on Montana’s shoulder, the clones leaning against each other, etc). But please draw your character of choice in your own style (or however you please)!

(Brute 912) #12

Alright, thanks.

(Thrall Lover) #13

The following Bborn still need artists: Alani, Beatrix, Boldur, Deande, El Dragon, Ernest, Galilea, Ghalt, Kelvin, and Orendi. First come, first serve, so hurry if your favorite is on this list!

(Thrall Lover) #14

If you are posting your work to tumblr or twitter, the hashtag for this project is #laststarcollab, and that’s what I will be using to keep track of all related work. We still need a couple more people, though!

(Thrall Lover) #15

All slots are filled, so I will not be taking any more requests unless one of the artist has to step down. Thank you all so much for your help, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

(Super Badass Constructor ) #16

A little idea if more people want in. The BB logo and the Background with the shard could be done by folks!

(lowlines - PS4) #17

Sounds exciting! I look forward to seeing the progress on this! :heart:

(Thrall Lover) #18

I’ve already got a background image picked out (It’s just the starchart from the bborn site), but I didn’t put these as available positions mostly because I don’t want anyone to have a “minor” role. The focus for this will be on all of the heroes, and I don’t want to take away from that. c:

(Thrall Lover) #19

Just an update, but 7 out of 30 Battleborn have been completed and added to the picture! There’s still a month and a half left to work on them, so no rush. The Last Star Collab is already looking wonderful, and I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!

(Thrall Lover) #20

So I got my addition to the Last Star Collab finished. I started putting the completed characters in place on the background piece, and I gotta say… It’s looking incredible!