Battleborn Community Art Collaboration

(Thrall Lover) #21

Update: 10 characters have been completed and added to the laststarcollab, so we’re officially a third of the way there! It’s looking fantastic, and I couldn’t be more proud of the artists involved! To those who haven’t finished yet, keep it up! You still have a whole month, you’re doing a great job!

(Thrall Lover) #22

July Update! It’s the start of of July, the last month to work on this! The deadline is going to be the end of the month. If you don’t think you’ll be able to work on your character or finish in time, let me know. Feel free to talk to me if you have questions. Remember to have fun!

(Thrall Lover) #23

#laststarcollab artists! We’re a week into July, and there’s about 3 weeks left to finish your pictures if you haven’t already. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message!

(Thrall Lover) #24

At the time of posting, we’re currently at 13/30 characters. A little less than halfway, but it’s coming together swimmingly! Keep it up, artists!

(Thrall Lover) #25

We are now at the halfway point in the month, and there is only about 2 weeks left! @nbrownlie237 How are you doing? I’m not calling you out, I’m just checking up on you.

(The One-Armed Bandit ) #26

Just got back yesterday - lines are coming along but haven’t started shading yet. Like I said, can’t be sure I’ll finish before the target date as it was kinda short notice, but I’m doing my damnedest to try.

(Wannabe penguin erector.) #27

Let me guess… You’ve got Ernest. :smirk:

(The One-Armed Bandit ) #28

For once, no! I actually got Galilea, because all the characters got claimed before I could get there, but Galilea’s original artist stepped down.

I was totally hoping for Ernest though, ha!

(Benedict's Glorious Wingspan) #29

Submits Galilea with Ernest’s face. Looks at Nema’s glare innocently.



Hello, everyone. I’m the person who took over responsibility for Thorn after the original artist bowed out. I have to share some bad news with you all, though, in that Nema passed away this past Sunday morning after a house fire.

To anyone who can and wants to help, her parents lost not just her, but much of their livelihood to the housefire. If anyone wants to donate to help them, you can do so here.

After a few days to recuperate from just learning this news myself I would also be willing to collect the images from everyone who participated in the art collab and finish it in honor of her and her love of this community in time for her birthday on August 4th. She loved this community very much and I’m sure many of you loved her in kind. Thank you all for making her happy and any help you may provide now.

(Wannabe penguin erector.) #31

This is just heartbreaking, plain and simple. I’ll miss you, Nema; you were a beacon of positivity here when most had given up and left the community, and a delightful person to talk to…

(Jennerit Supremacist) #32

I didn’t talk much with Nema but her posts always put a smile on my face.

This is just tragic. I offer my condolences.

(Attikus: Pit fighter, revolutionary, father to his thrall) #33

I can’t say I talked to Nema regularly, but i know from every time she had something to say she was just kind and optimistic, enough even to make amazing art for us to see just because why not. I’m sure her is in a much better place, and she will be missed greatly.

And lastly, my condolences to the family, none should have to go through or face times like this

(Super Badass Constructor ) #34

My condolences… ugh that’s horrible …

(Talkie Person) #35

This is terrible news. The last time I spoke with her was over Twitter about the collab and she was really excited about it.

She was a bright, shining part of the Battlefam and will be missed.

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #36

Nema was a personal friend and a dearly loved part of the Battleborn community, and I feel heartbroken to have lost her. Her kindness and positivity was unparalleled, she was immensely talented and creative. I loved the humor and art she shared with the world, and that fire is what I want to keep in my heart to remember her by.

For the honor of our love for Nema, and her love for Battleborn, I wish to see the collaboration finished. She gathered all of us artists together for this amazing project and we should strive to complete it. There’s no better farewell or thank you.

For Nema.
Thank you for sharing your passions with the world.
Wishing good luck and the strenght to go on to her family in this hard time.


Sorry, I can’t give that post a “like”. :frowning2:

(All units be advised-) #38

Oh no… :frowning: I’ve talked to Thrall Lover on the BB discord a few times. She was very kind and an amazing artist, as well as a positive individual. This is heartbreaking news… I hope she is in a better place. My condolences…

(gr33dsama) #39

Words cannot express how devastated I am. I will be finishing my piece as soon as possible in memory of her.

(AtomicTesh) #40

i can’t say i was close to nema but i considered her a friend and i loved seeing her around on twitter its heartbreaking to lose her
she was such a great person to talk to an amazing artist my condolences to her family