Battleborn Community Art Collaboration

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There are no words to describe how heartbroken I am. Nema was my closest friend in this community. We talked every day, bouncing ideas back and forth, making ocs, and generally having a wonderful time. She was the most supportive person and a hidden treasure on this planet. I love her and her loss is nothing short of devastating. The world is a far darker place without her presence. I imagine she’s in the biggest Thrall pile ever, as she would love to be and deserves. I send my condolences to her family. I’m so sorry.

(Orendi's Best Buddy) #42

I’m very sad to hear about this. I saw Nema’s posts on Twitter all the time and she was clearly passionate about Battleborn and its characters.

I’m happy that our community artists are going to be finishing the collaboration for her, and I think I’m going to open up Battleborn and play a round of Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion tonight.

This community has given me some great memories over the past few years. I love all of you.


Thank you all very much for the kind words. I’m on my way right now to be at the service tomorrow morning and I will be sharing everyone’s sentiments with the family. I hope it can bring them at least some glimmer of happiness to know that she brought so much joy to so many people.

I would also like to thank everyone for helping finish the collaboration. I’ll take the images through DMs here but it’d be best if they were sent to me at I will have it finished with all the art I receive by the end of the day on the 4th. Thank you all again very much for your support, be it words, donations or art to finish this. Nema loved you all and I’m so glad to see everyone pull together for this.


Damn. We lost a shiny one there.

(neyzilla) #45

We lost such a kind person, I am going to miss her so damn much. I’m beyond heartbroken.

(lowlines - PS4) #46

In my mind, Nema was the ultimate Attikus fan. Like many of the folks in this community, she really stood out to me as a person and I’m saddened to hear she is no longer with us. :cry:


The service today was a beautiful one, and among the shared memories the story of everyone here pitching in for the collaboration, all of your condolences and the fact that some of you graciously donated all helped bring smiles to the family’s faces. You are all phenomenal and have made them very happy knowing so many people cared.

They are thrilled to see the end result of the collaboration come to fruition and I will be proudly sharing it and each of your names with them when it is completed. Thank you all so much for your support and kind words.


Thankyou, on behalf of everyone here.


Okay, now that I’m back home I can begin work on the collaboration itself. I’m going to do a roll call of who we have so far and any help reaching out to the other artists would be greatly appreciated. Here’s the list that we know so far. Thanks to beya for helping so far in finding the other artists for this. I will put one star (*) next to someone who has reached out to me already and two stars (**) next to someone who has already given me their piece of art.

  • Alani - Flaming Wings **
  • Ambra - Leftcircle *
  • Attikus - Nema **
  • Beatrix - carnemorta **
  • Benedict - CobaltCerberus *
  • Boldur - ???
  • Caldarius - Jim **
  • Deande - ???
  • El Dragon - Krewlrain **
  • Ernest - Envelus **
  • Galilea - nbrownlie237 *
  • Ghalt - VikingSkirts **
  • ISIC - beya **
  • Kelvin - Shoukettu **
  • Kid Ultra - kaitatatertot **
  • Kleese - TL_Kasteron **
  • Marquis - GGFreak *
  • Mellka - Beckett **
  • Miko - Spooky-snek **
  • Montana - Kilty **
  • Orendi - MX **
  • Oscar Mike - Horizion_StarZ **
  • Pendles - Pendles **
  • Phoebe - Sonic9jct **
  • Rath - Leaddybum **
  • Reyna - Michelle **
  • Shayne & Aurox - neyzilla **
  • Thorn - Myself **
  • Toby - AtomicTesh **
  • Whiskey Foxtrot - Gr33dsama *

This puts me at having 23 images with 6 other people having already reached out to me. I will put out an updated list as we get more names and as more people contact me. If by the 31st I haven’t received any contact on certain characters I’d love if people could help me in doing extra characters to get it finished by the 4th. Thank you all again for your help in this and I’m sorry if the formatting on this isn’t the best.

Edit: I also don’t know exactly what Nema planned to do for the background of the image but if someone does know or if they can get a quite high resolution version of the banner image of the first post that would be great, though I think that’s the lithograph so I don’t know how possible it’d be.

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #50

I’m looking into this.

Also located the artist for Benedict (@CobaltCerberus on Twitter), they should contact you soon. I’ve also asked gr33dsama to do a roll call on Tumblr!

(Australian Lite™) #51

I think the plan was to just use a pic of the star chart, @MentalMars might have a higher-res version somewhere.

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #52

We’re on it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m just going to keep updating the above post with the list instead of making a new post about it since it’s really long. I’ve also begun setting up the actual picture with all that I’ve received and the WIP is coming along great. However, with the short timeframe we have from now until August 4th I was wondering if anyone wanted to and draw ‘back-up’ characters for those who we don’t know the artist of or haven’t heard back from? Just images that, if we don’t receive the characters from their respective artists, could fill in for them, but if we do get the originals we would still use them. If not, then don’t worry, it will get finished regardless.

(Super Badass Constructor ) #54

Give me a poke if you need back up characters. I’m a pretty fast doodler.


Okay, so as of right now I’ve been contacted by all but 5 artists and received 2/3 of the images altogether. We still have no idea who is working on Alani, Boldur, Deande or Miko, so if anyone can find that out it’d be great. I’ve reached out to @CobaltCerberus to see how things are coming and everyone else is on track so far.

Thank you all again for your help in this. The end result is going to be simply fantastic.

Edit: CobaltCerberus has already reached out to me since I messaged him, so that just leaves the 4 unknowns now.

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #56

I swear I’ve seen people talking of working on Alani, Miko and Boldur on Twitter but they don’t seem to respond.


No one took Deande yet? :frowning:

(Talkie Person) #58

The high-res background has been found. I reached out to some friends in the art department and Mandersmash sent me the original image. I’ve forwarded it on to @NicolaiB_92.


If some people want to go ahead and take over Alani, Boldur, Miko and Deande that would be great. I can take one if there’s one that nobody takes. If the original artists do get ahold of me we’ll still use theirs but I don’t want to run out of time.

Also, @FuryPotatoOfFury, thank you very much for getting the background.

Paging @wrriddle and @krewlrain: If you’re interested in any of these characters, feel free to take them on. Same for anyone else, of course.

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #60

Boldur’s (@reverieque) and someone other’s artist (@Prince_Flaming) was just earlier found on Twitter, I told them to email you. I don’t know who Prince_Flaming is doing. EDIT: It might be Alani, but not sure.

Paging @Brute_912 were you doing a piece for this collab?