Battleborn Community Art Collaboration


I don’t know if I can deliver something good enough to not be the eyesore in the picture. :frowning:

Started sketching Deande and I try myself on her, but I can’t really promise how it will end up and if I really feel confident enough about sharing it then.

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Whatever you make will be fine. Just gotta make sure the picture is nice and big so it can fit without losing any quality when I resize it. Trust me when I say that Nema only ever cared about bringing everyone together and not about who was the best artist. Otherwise I never would have been a part of this, myself. :smile: I’d love to have a backup for Deande in case we don’t get her original artist.

@beya If I don’t hear from them by tomorrow morning I’ll reach out to both of them first. That seemed to work for CobaltCerberus.

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I can make a back-up picture of Miko, if necessary. I don’t have a lot of time to make it the best art ever but better done than perfect :smile:



That’d be great. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Like I said, she just wants everyone to come together on this.

Also, can anyone give me a relative size comparison of the 5 DLC characters to the rest of the cast? I’ve only just realized I have no idea how to scale them compared to the rest.


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This group picture is from @lowlines, it’s rather small, but his thread has the BB lined up by faction in separate, bigger, pictures.


(lowlines - PS4) #66

That image has them all in their a-poses, this one has them all in their neutral stance.


And here they are grouped by faction. The height comparison should be the same across all images.



I have received Miko from Spooky-snek and Alani from Flaming Wings (Most likely Prince_Flaming). Still have not heard from Boldur’s artist and don’t know who is doing Deande at all. I’m going to reach out to @reverieque and see if I can get a response. In the meantime, @wrriddle are you going to be doing Deande, or do you want someone else to take her on?



Yes, started working on her. I’m shooting for having it finished on thursday unless that’s too late.



We just need everything by the 4th at the latest, though I’d like it all by the 3rd if possible so it can be put together before her actual birthday. Thursday would be the 2nd so that’s perfectly fine. Thank you for stepping in to take on that slot since we have no idea who was doing it.


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Did you ask @Nemosis327 or @Phoenix-2613? Both have made art here before, and belong to their own Deande fan club, haha.



I have not. I’m unfortunately not really familiar with this community, myself. I just knew she really loved it here, but being unaware of who everyone is and who their favorite characters has made it hard for me to really track anyone down, myself. Everyone’s been really supportive so far, though, and I’m happy that we’re only 2 away from knowing progress on everyone.

I’ll send each of them a DM asking if they know anything about it. Thank you for pointing them out to me.

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No problem. I’ll try getting ahold of them myself, and also ping @blainebrossart1 and @lemuren97, who play with both often. Blaine, Crow; if you are reading this, we need help finding out if Nemo or Nix are working on Deande for Nema’s art collab. I’ll try asking Demz too, just to be safe.

I just spoke with Phoenix, and it is not her.

EDIT #2:
In addition to offering her condolences- she didn’t know Nema well, but knew her to be a much-loved member of the community -Phoenix has said that, although she doesn’t know with 100% certainty, she doubts Nemo is the one working on the Deande portion of the collab, because the two are very close (can attest) and he hasn’t said anything to her about it. The only other mega Deande fan i know besides @wrriddle here is @Deande, who has been absent from the forums for quite some time. I highly doubt that it is her, but i am inquiring. Sorry that i couldn’t be of more help!



Hey, it’s all right. @wrriddle has us covered, and only one unknown person out of the 30 isn’t bad, all things considered.


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I was, but I told @Nema I couldn 't on the first week of July. I thought Nema found someone else to do it instead since she said it was okay and didn’t want to pressure me into doing so. I wished her the best though. I’m sorry if I caused any trouble. :frowning:


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Oh my goodness. I had no idea. :frowning:



You’ve caused no trouble. We’re just trying to find all the artists involved. I’m assuming you weren’t Deande’s artist?


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No, I was going to do Thorn but I told Nema the reason why. She understood me and said it was okay. I’m sorry to hear what happened to her. If only I got to know her more. :’(


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Neither Nemosis327 or @Deande are the ones working on the Deande portion of the collab, and i know no other Deande mains to ask.


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I wish I could @HandsomeCam but I’m working Wednesday to Friday from 12 to 9pm. My new schedule for next week would be given on a Thursday or Friday. I won’t know if I’m going to work on a Saturday or not since our schedules at work aren’t fixed. I chose to be flexible to help the company out. I was having thoughts of maybe doing it in the morning but I just had a workout today on my day off.


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Deande artist (likely) located on Twitter – @Hitelf :smile: :sparkles: