Battleborn Community Art Collaboration


Just a daily update as the deadline draws closer. We’ve received 23 pieces so far, with Ambra, Benedict, Boldur, Deande, Galilea, Marquis and Whiskey Foxtrot as the last remaining. I have now received word from every artist involved excluding Deande’s artist, though they have been located. A backup is being created for Deande by @wrriddle just in case, and I have seen WIP on 3 of the 7 remaining pictures thus far.

Thanks to @MentalMars reaching out to Gearbox, we have received an 8k version of the Solus System background to aid in our progress. @FuryPotatoOfFury has edited the background to look more close to that of the one in the lithograph to the best of his ability, which was very kind of him. @beya has been a great help thus far in finding all of the artists involved who aren’t mainly based in the forums, along with giving me size comparison charts to add in the DLC characters with. @HandsomeCam and @nbrownlie237 have also helped trying to locate artists as well as suggestions on where to get a high resolution version of the background image. Of course, thanks also go out to everyone involved for ensuring this gets completed in time; I know that some of the artists involved are kicking it into overdrive to get it finished as I type this.

Working on this project has made it very difficult to do anything but come face to face with the reality of what has happened on a daily basis, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t difficult, emotionally, to put this together at times. The support that everyone has shown here has several times moved me very deeply, and I couldn’t be happier that Nema surrounded herself with such a great community of people. It’s this very same level of compassion from all of you that helps when feeling my lowest, and I know that no matter how tough it can be, finishing this project will ultimately be something that Nema would have utterly adored, and that makes it all worth it.

Thank you all again, so very much. I’ll keep everyone updated on how this is going up until the point that it is posted. I’m sorry if I forgot to specially thank anyone earlier in this post, but everyone has been so helpful that I want you all to know that I appreciate everything, big and small.


As of this time today I have received updates on Ambra and Benedict that show they’ll be finished very soon. I don’t really have anything else new to share. I have faith in everyone involved to get this finished on time, so just keep it up if you’re still working, and thank you all again.


Have to call Deande finished now (picture with transparent background sent via mail as promised).

Sadly not the best artist in the world and this was all I could do on 5 evenings when I also had to go to work and help with renovating my kitchen. Wish I had a few days more, but I hope it didn’t turn out completely awful.



I think Deande turned out great. Thank you again for stepping up so late in this project to help out, even with a busy life.

As an update, we have everyone in and ready except for Ambra, Benedict and Marquis. I’ve seen very good WIP pics of Ambra and Benedict and will likely be receiving them tonight. GGFreak had reached out to me 5 days ago but life was quite busy for them. They said they should be able to have Marquis finished by the end of the day today but I have not heard anything since then and we may not have Marquis in time.

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@lowlines Could I ask you to jump in and do us a snapshot of the Marquis model, posing as closely to how he is in the group picture as possible, so that we’d have everybody, please? Just a temporary placement till we get GG’s?


@lowlines No worries! GGFreak actually just got in touch with me and had him finished, and Benedict is finished as well. Ambra is just nearly done, too, so it looks like we’re all set to have the finished product up tomorrow.

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Oh, wonderful! I’m so excited about this!! We did it, everyone :heartpulse: