Battleborn : Community Edition / Battleborn: Claptrap Pandora Revolution

You are probably stabled on a very weird topic named “Battleborn : community Edition”

And now you are wondering , what is this topic about !?
I’ll explain by stating this before I present my idea

Well , we may all know that our lovable BB is probably gonna get treated like “Evolve”.
Winter Update ?, no teaser for new champions after the release of Beatrix ?
No DLC for PvE content after the other 3 OP missions come out ?

Look , I hope that I’m wrong , but we can assume that after that, we’re pretty much gonna get the following message with "The development of further Battleborn content has been shutdown to this day until who knows "
It will be disappointing when OR if that day comes.

That is why I would like to have us , the community , the option(or the authorization) to develop the game (or a sequel).

An example of this was with “Super Smash Bros” , a fighting game that went on to become a competitive fighting game at EVO tournaments.
Due to some little issue’s with it , competitive players of the game came up with the idea of modding the game for competitive level play.
As a result , this led to the half finished project named “Project M” , which was at development until it was forced to be shutdown by the company who made the OG game.

That is why (again lets hope that I’m wrong), if the future of BB’s content will cease to exist , I would like to be among the many few of us, who willingly like continue the support for a great game that was never recognized by cough cough LOW MARKETING DECISIONS COUGH COUGH 2K !

The only thing We need is the green light by gearbox or …two-kai to have the option to support this game.

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While I love the idea and the motivation, melee was a bonanza. Most game cube sales were attributed to it. Battleborn is very small and we’d need access to servers and the like that project m didn’t need. It’s ill fated

But imagine the fun of being able to mod it yourself!
Personally I would make supports as deadly as tanks and balance char more for 1v1 then adjust from there

Yeah honestly project m took out a lot of the games uniqueness and just made high skill floor characters like olimar low skill floor and boring

Personally i just don’t see it working out, seems like it would be the same result and ruin character uniqueness, and have lots of low skill floor stuff

On the other hand I’m not really giving it a chance

Well I do not want to change any Battleborn that is already in the game.
I didn’t mean in that way.
But atleast to add new characters maps and PvE lore.
Although I would like to change boulder’s kit …

Would much rather see:

Battleborn: Claptrap Pandora Revolution


So… You want to support this game to continue its path of glory or you want to eventually have mods for it??

No … To continue its support .
Like patches , new champions , maps and Lore PvE.

No crazy mods like 50% movemennt speed on Caldy

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As you wish :wink:

Ah. Your thread makes it sound like you want the developers to hand the game over after contractual obligations for mods.

I hope this game keeps going. I’ll surely keep paying.

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I would rather lore be handled by devs than fans to be honest, and really how good is having new champions when they are all fanmade, as mods have already existing data to modify, not making their own (well most of them), they would likely be all over the place, and not fit into the lore

Once again I’m pessimistic on this

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It is over all a suggestion .

I did mention, however ,that we have the option to make a sequel , rather than support the current game

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“Deep in the dark void of space, one group of technologically advanced survivors has learned to create artificial stars to push the varelsi back. In other news, the battleborn have found a strange vault with mysterious properties…”

Ahh, one can only dream about the endless directions this game can take…

*edit: dang typos…


*laughs mysteriously *
I am so gonna make a sequel out of this …

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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I’m sure that vault has all sorts of cool stuff in there and definitely doesn’t have any super weapon monsters.

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There were no ‘issues’ with the game per se that led to PM, but a development team decided to take much maligned Brawl, the third title in the series, and mod it to have the same game mechanics as its popular predecessor Melee.

There was a strong Brawl community, but Melee fans were a passionate bunch, saw their game in decline and decided to make a mod that could keep the spirit of it alive.

As it turned out Melee eventually made a huge resurgence, while the PM devs decided to stop patching the game. They had planned future patches for it, but I wouldn’t say it was ‘half-finished’. It was a complete product they just stopped patching, presumably due to a cease and desist.

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Given the right tools I could totally be a badass VA for a sequel type thing, community driven anyway

If this ever does happen, I’d love to help


Uh , I didn’t know that.

All I remember was, that Nintendo didn’t support it , and they decided to force to shutdown the support of Project M (by that I mean patches).

But I think people in here got my point .

I try to conent Randy about this topic.