Battleborn Community for casual players

Hello Everyone!

I really don’t want to bother anyone, but with a few of my steam friends we created a Discord Channel for people how looking forward to play Battleborn nowdays.

Dear Reamining Battleborn Players! I sincerely invite you to join our community even that we will hold on our Discord channel.
If you looking forward people to play with, or a veteran how occasionally dust off his account, I sincerely invite you to join us!
( )

Be advised (airstrikes are awesome) it’s still just a small community. But we will just launch our community events (PvBot Friday, PvP Saturday and Co-op Sunday Night) this week and we currently organising our casual PvP tournament.

But with every member we grow.

So if you feel like jumping back to Solus again, go no further!


Revive Battleborn


Not even 20 gigs of Boldur bot buffs could save this game. Or Boldur bot for that matter.

Ha, I need to install back the game but I’m pretty much a beginner. Haven’t gotten really far, last time I played I got killed by a boss that makes a huge fatass orb that keeps on growing /o/ I’m interested in playing though.

EDIT : Your link doesn’t work :confused:

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Thanks for the comments!
I changed the link, I hope it works now!

And yes. The game is abandoned. But it does not means we can’t have fun with it!
Our goal is to create little community of players how can occasionally can play some Co-op or PvP together. Nothing worldshaking!
So feel free to join us!b

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I got a few buddies playing with me every week for the past month or two. I quitted my job for personnel reasons, so now I’m just playing some evenings with my friends or against them. It’s fun long as we get a good crowd.

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