Battleborn Community Leaders

I am wondering, who would you say are the current leaders of the Battleborn community? The people really backing/supporting/promoting the game. People who are organizing things and getting people together and playing the game. Community leaders of sorts. Who do you think of when you think of Battleborn? They can be streamers such as StealthShampoo, MaddCowQQ, or Kalo. They can be YouTubers like LftStrafe, Solus Scientist or Pheelyks. They can be members of the forums or people posting in reddit. They can be someone like MentalMars who has their own website with all of the info relating to Battleborn (as well as all those awesome wallpapers). Who do you think of when you think of Battleborn?

I think Tarath has been doing some great stuff, he created a forum with a great helix editor (I use it far too much).

I also decide to link to this page on reddit. A few people were mentioned there.

I’d like to hear more answers both here and on reddit. I’m really curious to know who people think of when they think of Battleborn.

I don’t think we should try to find leaders or put that title on people, we are just a community and leaders lead to egos and other issues.

All the members are equal, if they do text guides here, do videos, stream, or just play.


Good answer. You make a very good point. One that I didn’t think of before.

That’s why he’s a badass.

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Gearbox and the individual devs are probably who I think of as the leaders. They can actually impact change. I don’t think of anybody else as a leader, lead them to what? Pretty sure the community can do that themselves.

Is the goal making Battleborn a success? Word of mouth from loyal fans will make its contribution. Is it staving off the unfair comparison to overwatch, several prominent gaming youtubers have thrown their hat into that arena.

Is the goal to have a mouthpiece through which to filter out feedback to gearbox? If that’s the case then we can speak for ourselves.

Not trying to start anything just don’t quite get what a leader is needed for.

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I was thinking perhaps of people who support the game and the community. Organizing events. Generating interest. Promoting the game through the content they create. People who help build up the community. People you can look to for information, advice, support and such. People who are responsible, who you can respect, who aren’t trying to thrust themselves into the spotlight for fame and fortune but are simply trying to be a big part of a community they love that is devoted to a game they love. People you first think of when you think of Battleborn. People who stand out because of all they do for the game and the community.

And I’m not saying the community needs a leader. Whether it needs one or not there will be people who grow into such a role whether they asked for it or not. People start looking to them for leadership perhaps because of their expertise on the subject. It just happens. I was simply wondering if our little community had developed any such individuals at this point and it doesn’t really look like we have at this point outside of MentalMars who seems to be the one that pretty much everyone can agree on. Others look like they have the potential to reach that place as well but the community as a whole hasn’t really acknowledge them.

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Here are some leaders. Anyone for staying in PvP match when it is just 3vs5. They are some badass people. Thanks for staying.

Talking about that, is there anyway you can ask them to be in your friends list? None of had mics. But me as Reyna, Oscar mike, and, Mico. Held off a team of Galila, Montana, S&A, Mico, and forgot the last one. For 25 minutes.

Galila wanted my head badly. Lol.
We still lost, but it fun as hell.