Battleborn Community Tier List [Come Help its Development!]

First off, obviously to make a community tier list you need both input and data. What many tier lists lack is actually data, and contain more than just a single subjective opinion. Even with data, many will be subjective to player skill, because K/D, minion kills, objective, etc will vary with the player and build. I think what a forum member did with Whiskey Foxtrot to prove that he does indeed need a buff by asking people to play as him against the member who would choose various characters, is a decent way of showing that Whiskey Foxtrot is a weaker Battleborn and does need a buff. (This member’s name escapes me at the moment, if anyone knows I’ll tag him.)

First, I’m going to start off by saying the tiers that will be used:
-S Tier: In need of a nerf, and visibly better than any other character, expands into multiple roles, and can be used without skill to still control and dominate a match.

-A Tier: Performs their roll well, is fairly balanced, although could seem overpowered in the right hands of a skilled player, although not in need of a nerf. and a character that would need a counter and could pose a threat to many Battleborn if not countered.

-B Tier: Well balanced, not in need in any changes, and can still fulfill the characters role very well. The Battleborn has its own checks that prevent he/she/it from becoming overpowered in any way.

C Tier: Lacking in some areas, and can fill the role of the character moderately well, but could potentially use some tweaking. With a skilled player, the character could become a problem, although often times the player would perform better with another character that could fill the same role.

D Tier: In dire need of a buff. Some players can perform well, but would always perform better with another Battleborn. Has trouble filling its own roll and/or lacks a clear role to fill.

In order to actually create a list, I think the skirmishers, support, defenders, and attackers need to be classified and broken up into their own tiers, as this is the easiest way to go about this. By classifying, for example( you could say that Whiskey Foxtrot is a D Tier Battleborn, because other attacks far outperform him, or that Marquis is an A Tier Battleborn, because he outperforms other attackers. (If anyone disagrees, feel free to mention that and I’ll change it, as this is classifying to the best of my knowledge.)



El Dragon

Oscar Mike
Shayne and Aurox
Whiskey Foxtrot

After classifying, I think a team composition needs to be built with: One defender, one support, one skirmishers, and two attackers. Then, by substituting a Battleborn into a roll with the exact same team composition and enemy team composition, you can then compare how they perform their rolls.

Now that I explained everything that this tier list will be classified using, I need forum members who are top level skill at specific characters to aid in these private matches that can help determine this tier list. If anyone disagrees with anything, wants to add something, would like to help in private matches, or feel I left out something, feel free to let me know, and I’ll add it.

Private Match Testers:

Well another thing that needs to be added is for which modes are these tiers for? Some battleborn are a wholllle lot better on one map than another!

True, I guess two separate lists could be made for Meltdown and Incursion, since I don’t play Capture nearly as much and the player base is a lot low for the mode.

I dont really think you need to classify characters as defender, attacker etc. Most characters can perform more than one of these roles. Also having two teams fight it out doesnt really seem like a great way to create a tier list, as player skill will vary not only between players, but between characters as well.

It would take a lot of spearate threads, but i think if you want the communities opinion you would have to create a thread for each character with a poll with options S, A, B, etc. Maybe start one in each characters forum section and have an overall results on the general section?

I’d put Montana in the B category because he does very well as a defender, but isn’t much of a pusher unless he has a Miko stuck to him like white on rice. He also seems to perform better in Meltdown than Incursion because of his lack of pushing abilities. Yes he can dish out the pain, but being such a large target, he takes it way too easily as well. His helix upgrades for his Hailstorm and Lumberjack Dash really help him clear minion lanes though.

I’m sorry, but i have to point this out. Ghalt is classified as an attacker, not a defender.

As far as the tiers and stuff go, all i can really give you is my personal input. I’m currently trying to master every character in the game and so far i have 12. Orendi, Ghalt, Alani, Toby, Whiskey Foxtrot, ISIC, Galilea, Benedict, El Dragón, Kleese, Rath, & today i finally mastered Mellka. Attikus is next and shouldn’t be very long since he’s almost level 12 now. I also have many extremely good gear items to mess with for variety purposes. As for my peronal tier list, here’s what i think. (Every character i have is level 8 at minimum, so i have experience.)

S - Thorn, Rath, and ISIC

A - Mellka, Phoebe, Alani, Orendi, Galilea, Calduris, Oscar Mike, Kelvin, Reyna, Marquis, Miko, and Shane & Aurox

B - El Dragón, Ambra, Benedict, Toby, & Kleese

C - Attikus, Boldur, Deande, & Ghalt

D - Whiskey Foxtrot and Montana

I generally agree with this, but id drop toby and ambra down to C "currently other similar characters are generally better"
and attikus down to D “other options are always better” and i’d probably bring montana up to C as well

Ghalt’s terrible at defense. I’ve never played him in PVP, but in PVE he lacks a large health pool and has no innate way to heal or escape taking damage. He’s a kill or trap them before they can get a shot in type of character.

Attikus doesn’t need to be a D. True, a melee defender isn’t the best, and his legendary gear is ■■■■■■, but Attikus can quickly and easily kill any enemy given the right gear and mutations. He’s not in DIRE need of a buff, you just have to get to level 7 and unlock Charge Efficency. There’s also many ways he can quickly build charge if you know how.

Toby belongs right where he is. He’s a perfectly balanced Defender and is great at his job. He’s mean’t for minion control and occasionally sniping out enemy players with charged railgun shots. Marquis, Thorn, and Mellka are his worse nightmares, plus he has the lowest health of all the Defenders. That’s the only reason he’s not at A tier. Other than that, he’s perfectly fine.

Ambra… i’m iffy on. I’ve seen Ambras play extremely offensive and still whip ass to no end. The main thing is that she’s SUPPOSED to be a healer, but plays more like an Assassin who’s capable of healing.

Just get slug rounds and you win with Ghalt in PvE.

I can see Ghalt as a Defender more than an attacker. Scraptrap and Hook are just meant for a territorial playstyle. Plus trying to push with his shotgun is just asking for death. Most other characters are too small to hit and the crosshairs on his shotgun is garbage. Even with Pellet Party it’s not that great. Not to mention his considerably large stature makes him the attacker version of Montana. (Aside from Shane & Aurox)

I just cant see Rath or ISIC being S tier.

Rath just blows up anytime he goes near a team. Easily countered and even easier to completely shut down. C tier

ISIC is a little harder to say. He performs his role pretty well, but nerfing anything he has now would just drop him to near uselessness. High B Tier

Thorn may be S Tier, but has a pretty steep learning curve which helps balance her out. I would consider her A tier. Only thing that needs to be toned down is her ability to kill minions with blight. Longer CD would help here i think.

Ambra I would see is C Tier. She doesnt do anything that another character can do better.

Caldarius is C tier. He has great mobility but has a BB gun for a weapon. Never seen a caldarius control/dominate a game. Easily killed 1v1 by most characters.

No way cald is C tier
he’s A, B played badly
but he has a pretty high skill ceiling like thorn
the gun can drop rath in a clip and a half

I guess that could work, I just want to make it as factual as a tier list could possibly be. The reason for classification is just because I think it’s easier to look at it like that, but if polls would work for you guys, then I could set up those threads.

As for Ghalt, I classified him as defender because he’s more territorial in my opinion than an attacker, or at least from what I’ve seen.

You can say that about every character.

I have never seen a Caldarius control/dominate a game like a good Melka/ISIC/Alani/Thorn/Toby/Marquis/Oredni/Galilea/Miko/Reyna/Kelvin/Oscar Mike/ Phoebe/Kleese/Ghalt/El Dragon/Rath can.

I would place him below every single one of those characters. If you cant support, and do minimal damage, with low health pool, why should I bring Caldarius over anyone else?

I definitely have to agree with this. Caldarius’ role is a skirmisher who serves as an annoyance to the enemy. The problem is, Mellka fits this role much better. She’s arguably more mobile, harder to hit, has DoT and decent damage, along with a slow which is superior to a blind that Caldarius has. She also has a much more usable ult, so overall there’s no reason to choose Caldarius over Mellka, and this is definitely not because Mellka is overpowered. As you mentioned, she can dominate a game but a strong Caldarius still won’t have much of an impact.

Rath - Catalytic Smah w/ Silence, Dreadwind, GG
He also puts out good damage and destroys every other attacker and support. Not to mention Dreadwind. His only issue is high health defenders and getting slowed. Other than that, he’s a god.

ISIC - Where to begin. The fact that he’s the only ranged character with a shield? His ultimate has the highest DPS in the game with no timer? Rotating Wards reflect fire is broken?

Like, he can literally out-snipe Marquis and win because Charge Cannon’s accuracy is extremely good. I can’t tell you how many Marquis players i’ve pissed off.
Then there’s the slow on his Charge Cannon and the extra damage to boot.
And lets not forget the 1000 Aegis Shield he gets at level 10 for his ultimate that literally comes back every 6 seconds. Or how Reflect Fire reflects various skills and ultimates that certain character depend on.
Whiskey vs. ISIC. There’s no hope for Whiskey. Once the Rotating Wards with Reflect Fire pop up its GG. EVERYTHING Whiskey has will get reflected back at him.

ISIC is a cross between Attacker and Defender. He’s borderline the best character in the game.

Now Thorn is S tier for a reason. She may not have as many options as ISIC, but her damage output with her small ass frame and insane jump height is ridiculous.
All that happens is that Blight gets Slow, get extra DPS, and Gives Thorn a movement speed boost for the quick escape. Blight, as mentioned destroys minions like nothing and keeps players from doing anything. Marquis’ Temporal Distortion at least has a delay before activating. Blight is instant and it’s base DPS is already good. Combine that with her extra 25% - 35% on cursed targets and it’s like getting shot by a rapid fire sniper rifle.
The WORST is Wrath of the Wild. This is one of the most busted ultimates in the game. It’s bad enough that it’s damage is all concentrated into one shot, but it can leave a blight field and instantly kill any non-defender in 1 shot if they get cursed. At level 10 WotW does 750 by itself. Add curse with the extra 10% and it’s 1000+ easy. And that’s not counting any skill damage boosting gear items.

Rath - Catalytic Smah w/ Silence, Dreadwind, get stunned/slowed dead rath. Any decent team is going to see the giant animation for smash and know exactly where he is. Any decent player will then look at rath and proceed to CC him and murder him. Oh and quick melee.

Sure you can deal some damage, but you cant use any skills and are basically stuck standing still. Any CC will remove you from it. Standing still is just asking to get nuked as well. Rotating wards blocks 500 damage (total) and doesnt work on melee. If a Marquis dies in a “sniper” fight with ISIC, hes a pretty bad Marquis.

Almost all of your arguments are when character reach level 10. Half the level 10 helix choices in the game are incredibly overpowered. Thats kinda the point, its the last level and they want you to end the game.

Rath is an assassin though. He’s mean’t come from the sides or behind an opponent. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so effective. You can just straight up Dreadwind a character and 8/10 they’re going to die. If Dreadwind doesn’t do it, then a teammate will. It’s basically a free kill setup. Also, not EVERY CC will force him out of Dreadwind. All Attackers and Supports are guarnteed to die from this due to their low health pools and most are incapable of doing anything.
Oscar Mike - All he can do is turn invisible and hopes Rath spins somewhere else.

Whiskey Foxtrot - Unless he has the ability to push himself or the opponent with Scrap Cannon, he’s dead. And since 99.9% don’t, it’s GG.

Ambra - Unless Solar Wind can pushback enemies, she’s done.

Miko - Needs Stun Spore and a Fungus + Biosynthesis to survive. Done for without it.

Ghalt - Hook or a lucky Scraptrap. If they’re on cooldown, that’s it.

Deande - Needs Uppercut or a Holotwin and pray Rath goes away.

Reyna - Has to give a Shield Booster to survive.

Marquis - Unless he gets the speed boost from Temporal Distortion, also dead.

The point is that even with a team that has an actual IQ, if Rath plays it paitent and waits for them to use or miss their skills, Dreadwind WILL kill. I’ve seen it happen too many times and have done it too many times. End of story.

ISIC doesn’t need his skills while in Omega Strike. He just has to gun them down before they can kill him first. If ISIC needs to escape, he can manually deactivate and run away with Wards then Plasma Dash. Even if he’s CC’d or forced out of his ultimate, he’s still a tank. He will 7/10 escape.

Rotating Wards Reflect fire will actually not get destroyed by certain attacks no matter how many times. Like Overdrive. Overdrive will literally have all of its bullets reflected back at Whiskey and he will die unless he stops. Rotating Wards won’t even be effected. Same for Toby’s railgun.
And even if Melee goes through Wards, Plasma Dash. If it’s on cooldown slow with the Overcharged Cannon and run, or quick melee them away. (Or Aegis Shield until Plasma Dash comes back)

The only problem I see with this list is Deande being listed as a Skimisher. Her dash speed, short range, and lack of punishing things outside of abilities isn’t made to hit and run, but to hit and stay committed to the same target. But by this list and if others agree that she’s a skirmisher than she has to be the worse out the bunch without a doubt.